SVAKOM Celebrates Success at EroFame

By on October 19, 2022

Hannover, DE – Success at eroFame nets SVAKOM the Outstanding Charitable Contributions Award.

Through October 5th – 7th SVAKOM attended the wondrous eroFame, taking place in Hannover, Germany. Promoting new products lines and celebrating its tenth anniversary.

SVAKOM ambassador Iker Perez commented on his time at the event saying “we had a lot of great traffic to our booth, being situated so close to the entrance. It was a wonderful way to celebrate SVAKOM’s 10-year anniversary, surrounded by people in the industry talking shop and just having a great time”.

During the event, SVAKOM was presented with the Outstanding Charitable Contributions award, showcasing its tireless commitment to sustainability, outreach, and charity collaborations.

“Amazing, really it was. We put so much work into seeking news ways to give back and finding new opportunities to help, at SVAKOM we really take sustainability and outreach opportunities seriously – it’s been a big part of our discussion throughout 2022. To be recognized for this is… well, it’s simply brilliant. We hope we can live up to this honor and continue helping to make people’s lives better.”

Visitors to SVAKOM’s booth frequently commented on the design, stating that it was “one of the best-looking booths at eroFame” and marveling at the sleek, modern design showcasing SVAKOM’s latest Pulse Technology™.

“On top of being crowded the majority of the time, due to our desirable location, we heard lots of `who built your booth? It’s gorgeous!` from visitors, they really loved the design. Which, of course, gave us the opportunity to showoff our upcoming products for 2023!”

Clients and vendors commented on SVAKOM’s upcoming line-up with amusement and an overall positive attitude.

Newest additions to SVAKOM, Pulse Pure and Pulse Union, proved very popular with visitors to the SVAKOM booth expressing their interest in the new Pulse Technology™ and design of the products.

SVAKOM expresses its gratitude towards the organizers of the exhibition, commenting that the event was “one of the best we’ve been to yet. Truly, it was filled with interesting talks, seeing new and old faces, and witnessing everything the industry has to offer.”

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