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By on June 4, 2015
Tango by We-Vibe

Whilst cool UK brand Rocks Off may be the instinctive go-to for bullet vibrators, they have a worthy adversary in the premium segment with We-Vibe.

In phthalate free, latex and BPA-free body safe plastic with a tapered tip, We-Vibe offer the colour choice of blue and pink. Supplied with the all-important USB charge cable that magnetically clip to its base, and although this connection can be broken fairly easily by mistake it also means you can charge the vibrator from any compatible device, leaving the Tango to sit innocuously alongside your laptop like a discarded lipstick or mobile phone battery booster.

And the vibrations? Well, whilst the deep, rumbling lowest setting will be adequate for some, others might find the buzz of the top speed too much in a good way. This means that with its eight vibration modes and the easy one button control ,the Tango has something for everyone, from the ever-so slightly sensitive amongst us to the ultimate power queens.

Because the Tango is made with hard plastic, it’s much improved by water-based lube, but be aware that too much of this can also make it overly slippery and hard to handle. Conversely, as it’s fully waterproof the Tango works well in the bathroom. It’s also the best possible replacement for the generic bullet found in your favourite vibrating dildo or strap-on. Its also wonderfully easy and quick to clean with soap and water.

But it’s the little touches that make the Tango such a user-friendly experience. Its built-in memory will ensure it turns on at the same setting in which it was left – a welcome function of any popular personal toy. The Tango also has a handy low-battery indicator light – another simple application that many sex toy manufacturers often leave out. Furthermore We-Vibe have once again enclosed a silky storage bag for maximum discretion, making the Tango your perfect travel companion.

Arguably the best bullet vibe on the market, the Tango packs a powerful punch for its small size. It offers 2 hours of play on a 90 minute recharge. It may not be the cheapest bullet around but I can wholeheartedly vouch for its effectiveness, making We-Vibe’s Tango an essential addition to the toy chest of any discerning collector.

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