Tantriss Introduces UMIE

By on January 20, 2017

Chicago, IL, – Today, Tantriss introduced UMIE, an innovative new pleasure toy designed to bring the ancient art of Tantra into the 21st century. Combining wireless technology with an elite design and an intuitive app, UMIE engages, excites and evokes pleasure for users from anywhere in the world. UMIE can be purchased for $149 USD at www.tantriss.com.

Controlled by a 12-frequency/ 10 mode microchip, UMIE quickly interfaces with its companion app (iOS and Android) to allow users to easily customize modes and change settings to match their personality, mood and pleasure style. UMIE’s cutting edge microchip uses sensor technology, allowing full control of the device through the app. This provides individuals or couples with intense intimate experiences controlled by the touch of a button, near or far, shaping the future of sexual communication.

Simply by activating the app, users can wirelessly control features in the same room or anywhere in the world, including:
• Adjust heat: increase the temperature up to 103 degrees
• Acoustic Mode: voice activation enables UMIE to respond to the speed/intensity of the user’s voice
• Multimedia Mode: UMIE “dances” to any song/video in the user’s smartphone or tablet
• Shake Mode: by simply waving the smartphone, shake the connected device to control UMIE’s intensity
• Tantra Modes: Choose from 8 preset scenes from “Kama” to “Prana” and more
• Custom: users can draw a custom graph for UMIE to follow

UMIE unites dual motors to provide seamless 360-degree stimulation throughout, to achieve incredible intensity. What’s more, UMIE, has a heatable body with the ability to reach temperatures of 103 degrees (36 degrees Celsius), controlled simply by the touch of a button. The contoured, ergonomic sleek design of UMIE is waterproof (submersible for up to 30 minutes) and covered in a body of safe silicon (tested to be in compliance with RoHS standards). UMIE comes equipped with a high capacity Lithium battery, fast charge and up to 4 hours of battery life. UMIE also features a “clever” power setting that prevents from unwanted activation.

“After controlled testing of 7 products, UMIE maintained the highest scores for vibration level (15.6 G forces at its peak) with frequency (speed) of over 113.5hz,” said Yury Beyderman, president, Gaynes Engineering Lab. “Vibration can be adjusted so that each user can find their preferred level of intensity.”

UMIE heightens sensations by uniting vibration and heat with a sleek ergonomic design, all combining together to achieve lifelike sensations that evoke an enlightening intimate release. Whether used alone, with your lover, or an anonymous stranger, UMIE opens a new frontier into digital pleasure, enriching relationships, or an anonymous venture into “cybersex.” Inspired by the age-old techniques of Tantra, UMIE allows you to explore a variety of preset modes, “Niravana,” “Chakra” and more.

Vicki Chase, International Adult Star, describes UMIE as ground breaking and says, “I have tried so many adult toys and nothing compares to UMIE!”

According to Suzie Michelle, Brand Strategist for Tantriss, “We are always in a hurry and sometimes we forget to be present in the moment, to relax and enjoy simple pleasures. If my fitbit tells me to take 600 more steps, I try. If an app helped me to breath slower, be in the moment, it would certainly heighten my experience and perhaps lead me to bliss.”

More than ever, people are looking for ways to involve pleasure into the digital environment. Tantriss has developed a platform to make this digital connection personal and customized with plans to unveil a series of “In-APP” guided experiences with experts later this year.

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