The Holidays are Coming—Are You Ready?

By on December 7, 2014

Get ready to increase your profits, the holidays are coming and everyone in the adult industry has a lot to be excited about. Consumers are becoming more receptive to adult toys, and there is a healthy market for the products in Australia, and all over the world.

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which is coming out Valentine’s Day weekend, is one driving force. The trailer quickly became the most-watched of 2014. Because of it, consumers are more likely to visit your store this holiday season than ever before.

Your job as a retailer is to successfully market to the holiday gift shopper. Many people making purchases for the holidays are there for the first time. Even if they have shopped in adult stores before, they may not have bought gifts for others. Your job as a retailer is to understand their demographic and make your in-store marketing appeal to them.

Holiday shoppers present opportunities when they step in your store. Teach your staff the art of engaging the customer, building trust, developing a relationship, and they will create a repeat customer all year round.

These holiday in-store marketing ideas can make a big impact on your bottom line:

  • Since the Fifty Shades phenomenon is driving people to explore pleasure toys, tapping into that fervor can make a huge impact on your bottom line. The best way to appeal to them, is merchandising your Fifty Shades display with Scandal and Entice Accessories from California Exotic Novelties. These are the break-away winners when it comes to beginner to intermediate bondage play. They are priced-right and made of the highest-quality materials, while remaining vegan-friendly. The gorgeous, award-winning packaging of Scandal tells a story when set on the wall. Entice Accessories are incredibly stylish and appeal to the fashion-forward fetish enthusiast. Make no mistake about it, Scandal and Entice Accessories are number one on Santa’s list this year.
  • Don’t forget the orgasm balls! Also made popular by Fifty Shades, when on display, these best-sellers will remind shoppers of that steamy scene in the book. The ones to stock are: the POSH Silicone “O” Balls by CalExotics. This is a popular weighted Kegel exerciser with a sturdy retrieval ring, and it comes in four, bright colors—pink, purple, blue and orange. ENVY by JOPEN, the world’s strongest vibrator, now has the world’s strongest Kegel balls. The Sixteen and Seventeen are luxurious items that will make the perfect gift this holiday season. Plus there is Body & Soul Entice, and the must-have Embrace Love Balls, also by CalExotics.
  • Kits and games are for couples—need I say more? They are the perfect romantic gift for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day. These types of presents offer variety and can open doorways to more adventurous types of intimate play. Tell your romantic shoppers that kits and games are the perfect way to spice up a relationship. Amour is the ideal line of kits for holiday shoppers. Already packaged with romantic hearts, the kits offer a variety of options at three tiers of pricing, which means there’s something everyone can afford. The Gyration Sensation Gyrating Pleasure and Passion Kits are also incredibly popular. For games, you should include Fifty Ways to Tease Your Lover, the Entice Game, Entice for Her and Entice for Him in your couples’ store display.
  • With so many adult products geared toward women and couples, sometimes the fellas can feel left out during the holidays. Remind people shopping for the man in their life that there are items beyond strokers and blowup dolls. For example, love rings and prostate toys are perfect gifts for the guy who has everything. Much more creative than a tie, sex toys are a sure way to thrill and surprise him. Some suggestions for him include the boxers, briefs and jocks in the Apollo Collection—not to mention the new Apollo Hydro Power Stroker and the Alpha Stroker. The elegant gray Embrace Pleasure Ring, plus the Tapered and Beaded Probes, will show him that you really care.
  • Don’t forget COLT Gear, Love Rider and Packer Gear for the LGBT market. Appealing to all demographics is crucial, not just during the holidays, but every day of the year. Creating unique displays and having an educated staff that is knowledgeable about how to use the toys is a huge advantage.
  • Men shopping for women during the holidays present the easiest sales you will ever make. I used to work in radio and hosted radio remote broadcasts at jewelry stores during Valentine’s Day. Men would practically beg me to tell them what to buy their wife! With an educated sales staff, you can easily help men answer that question. The best items to suggest are: Jack Rabbits, the Embrace G Wand, Passion Pals, the beautiful rose gold-accented Entice Collection, and the award-winning LUST by JOPEN.
  • Stocking stuffers are a favorite for everyone and an easy upsell for all holiday shoppers. Modestly priced grab-and-go items can add up fast to increase your profit margins. Don’t be shy about suggesting other items in addition to a purchase, people are often appreciative of your ideas and love tucking a few stocking stuffers into their shopping bag. Rings, bullets and vibes found in the Up! Collection are something you can merchandise in several areas of your store, including next to the cash register for impulse buys. Don’t forget the new Power Play Collection. Powerful and priced-right, they are ideal stocking stuffers, too. Oh! And an absolute must-stock are the recently updated, best-selling Pocket Exotics. Everyone needs a bullet vibe stuffed in their stocking this Christmas!
  • Finally, ask your gift shopper if they’d like to buy something for themselves. You’d be surprised how many people, under the guise of “shopping for a friend” will opt for that impulse buy at the end and get something they Chances are your gift shopper has already been shopping for themselves in their head the entire time they’ve been in the store! Give them “permission” to pick up something for just for them. Remind him or her that they deserve it! Suggest these great indulgences for the any gift shopper: The Impress Collection, The Kisses, Body & Soul, and for those who crave luxury, the most powerful vibrator in the world, ENVY by JOPEN.

If you need merchandising support or sales tools, California Exotic Novelties and JOPEN are here to help.  Contact your representative for more information, and visit each website for regular information: and


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