The Jimmyjane Jet Set Rocks Comedy Central’s @Midnight

By on December 24, 2014
Jimmyjane JetSet

San Francisco, CA – Jimmyjane, a design-centric brand and leader in the premium pleasure product category, made comedic history when the company was featured on Comedy Central’s popular late night program, @Midnight, last week. The Emmy nominated, internet-themed, comedy show drew laughs and twitter buzz when they highlighted Jimmyjane’s fantasy set, The JIMMYJANE Jet Set, on the late night program. In each episode of the improv comedy show the host, Chris Hardwick, introduces an Internet meme, or trending topic from the day and asks a panel of comedians to craft a funny response. In last weeks episode Hardwick highlighted the JIMMYJANE Jet Set, asking the comedy panel, including Drew Carey, Margaret Cho and Blaine Capatch, to deliver a line for the “in-flight safety lecture from a flight attendant on the Jimmyjane Jet Set sex plane.”

Jimmyjane is often totted with helping to lead the pleasure product category to mainstream crossover through the company’s exposure in mainstream press coverage.  With recent appearances on HBO’s Girls, The Today Show, CBS’s The Doctors, The Rachael Ray Show and The Mysteries of Laura, the company has become a regular fixture on the small screen and in pop culture.

“Its always honor to see Jimmyjane recognized on TV. We are big fans of @Midnight, so it was exciting to see this veteran team of comedians having fun with the brand,” said Jimmyjane’s President, Robert Rheaume, “It speaks to the approachability of Jimmyjane, and marks another milestone, bringing our brand, and the entire pleasure product category, into the public sphere and conversation.”

The Jimmyjane Jet Set was created in 2012, as part of a collection of bundle sets, each highly curated and created with a specific, niche audience in mind. Most of the sets were removed as the brand focused on promoting their award-winning line of premium vibrators and sex accessories. Jimmyjane kept the JIMMYJANE Jet Set, as it continued to draw buzz and remained a trending topic in the blogosphere.

“These experimental pleasure sets were a fun way to push the boundaries of how our customers interpret our products and experiences at Jimmyjane. While our products are created to enhance the lives of real people, we had a bit of fun with these creative sets. The JIMMYJANE Jet Set is an exaggerated version of how people can push their pleasure repertoire, with a bit of wit and charm that is a signature of the Jimmyjane brand,” stated Molly Murphy, Marketing Director at Jimmyjane.

Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight has been credited for cracking the “TV Twitter Trend,” with its popularity and integration of social media, which drives viewer interaction.  The critically acclaimed show has the highest ratings of any late night program with younger audiences.  Due to it’s popularity it has been slotted to take over the coveted 11:30 slot on Comedy Central following the final episode of the Colbert Report in January.

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