The PalmPower Recharge Now Available at Eropartner

By on October 31, 2015

BMS Factory’s newest release, The PalmPower Recharge, can now be ordered at Europe’s leading distributor, Eropartner Distribution. The PalmPower Recharge has the same features as the Original PalmPower, but without the power cord. It is rechargeable using the included USB cord, so no batteries are needed.

Manufacturer of the product, BMS, worked for four years to perfect this technology so that the customer can be guaranteed the same degree of power in the cordless, rechargeable form as its plug-in counterpart. “Finally, the PalmPower Recharge is ready and offers over 90 percent of the power that the original PalmPower has”, says the company, “The new PalmPower Recharge offers its users the flexibility and freedom of a cordless massage and even features a variety of vibration functions”.

PalmPower Recharge has a firm handle with a massaging head that pivots as it is moved around the body. The interchangeable cap of the PalmPower Recharge is made with 100% silicone. It is removable so that the user can take advantage of new sensations using one of the other heads available. To operate your PalmPower Recharge, you only need to press the button. This controls the on/off, vibrations and the travel lock, making it easy to use.

It was definitely worth the wait”, adds Mischa Heins, Sales Manager at Eropartner Distribution, “The Original PalmPower was already a hit, but the wireless feature – no cord and batteries needed – are a great addition to the product, and we are confident our customers will be just as excited about it as we are”.

PalmPower Recharge gets its incredible power from PowerBullet ™ technology. PowerBullet™ is famous for its magnificent power. It focuses on providing consumers with the fiercest energy and is becoming the major source of motor technology for all vibrating products.

To find out more about The PalmPower Recharge, please refer to or contact the Eropartner Distribution Sales Department on

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