Top Eight Sexy Scandal and Entice Accessories to Stock this Valentine’s Day

By on January 6, 2015
Scandal corset with cuffs

This Valentine’s Day, with everyone excited about the Fifty Shades and the release of the movie, retail stores have an incredible merchandising opportunity. Because California Exotic Novelties is your merchandising partner, we asked Lupe Martinez, Senior Account Manager for the company and expert merchandiser, for her thoughts on successfully preparing your store.

Martinez advises you to spice up your lingerie section. “First-time or less-frequent shoppers can be shy or intimidated by the bondage section of a store. It’s not that they don’t want to experiment with roleplaying, but let’s make it easy for them and incorporate the softer items in Scandal and Entice Accessories with the lingerie. Dress up a mannequin incorporating the products and you’ll see the results!”

She also suggests a cross merchandising strategy. “Make sure you also have the items you displayed in the lingerie section, in the bondage area as well. Include them as part of your Scandal and Entice Accessories Visual Merchandising Plans. It’s all about cross merchandising, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!”

A “Buzz Factor” is important as well, according to Martinez. She adds, “Count on CalExotics to have your ‘balls covered’! For those customers with a ‘grey shopping list’ who are interested in orgasm balls or bondage items, offer them a bundle pack—something that includes a vibrating item, too. Based on sales data, we discovered that people who just bought orgasm balls didn’t necessarily become regular users. However, offering them a bundle pack, or gift with purchase, helps introduce them to items they may not have otherwise purchased.”

If you want to spice up your Valentine’s Day Display with some of the most popular items, try Lupe’s “Great Eight” stocking list for starters:

  • Corset with Cuffs—What makes this so popular? There is an included extender, like a bra extension, which means it fits more sizes. Plus the cuffs detach, making the Corset Cuffs as creative as they are beautiful!
  • Chelsea Collar with Leash—The stunning rose gold is just the start for this must-stock collar and leash! Fetish fashionistas will love the style, the comfort, and the fact that the leash detaches.
  • Entice Crystal Intimate Clip—What an amazing little clip! This understated adornment is one of the hottest sellers in the collection. Why do women love it? It’s pretty, discreet and feels amazing when it slips on.
  • Scandal Paddle—Soft and plushy on one side, the breathtaking brocade fabric looks magnificent as it shimmers in the light. When you need a spanking, you need the Scandal Paddle.
  • Posh Silicone “O” Balls—These are highly popular and perfect for those new to the world of orgasm balls. They are perfectly weighted, come in bright, flirty colors, and feature a sturdy retrieval ring. A must-stock for your display.
  • Scandal Over the Door Cuffs—This unique items gets you off the bed and into more adventurous places. Totally adjustable, it features universal clasps and O-rings with a swivel design. Plus the cuffs are removable for independent use!
  • Entice Eye Mask—What makes this mask special? It offers a total blackout experience. The flaps hang low as to block out the maximum amount of light. A serious sensory deprivation experience! Plus Entice is kind to animals, the entire line is vegan-friendly.
  • Scandal Mouth Gag with Clamps—This versatile gag offers two rings, one nickel-free iron and the other rubber, depending on the user’s preference. The adjustable and detachable clamps have comfortable pads and can be used in many different scenarios.

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Corsetwcuffs1 Chelsea Collar with Leash PoshOBalls Paddle2 Overdoorcuffs Gagwithclamps Eye Mask CrystalIntimateClip


Author Desireé Duffy, Director of Public Relations, California Exotic Novelties

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