Topco Now Shipping ‘Lure Black Label’ Pheromone-infused Fragrances

By on May 11, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, – Topco is officially shipping new Lure Black Label pheromone-infused fragrances scientifically designed to send subtle scent signals to the opposite sex. Designed to inspire attraction and attention using subtle scents, Lure Black Label offers a fun and sexy enhancement to any occasion in need of a little intimate chemistry.

Pheromones diffuse subconscious scent signals to trigger powerful sexual responses – exactly what Lure Black Label was formulated to do. Based on the chemistry of the attractant alpha-androstenol, Lure Black Label triggers intrigue and confidence with understated scent profiles developed in Topco’s U.S.-based laboratory and is available in three versions: “for him,” “for her,” and “you & me,” a special unisex scent.

“Spring has officially sprung, the sun’s out longer, and shoppers are getting in the mood for summer romance, which is why Lure Black Label is a must-have for stores in the know,” Topco COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “Pheromone-based products are strong sellers, thanks to their intriguing capabilities, and Lure Black Label boasts a brand name that retailers know.”

Lure Black Label features sleek matte black packaging for a modern and sophisticated look that translates strongly on store shelves. The attractive bottles and discreet “Chemistry of Passion” branding make Lure Black Label ideal for display with lingerie, candles, and sensual enhancers, and each case ordered comes with a free tester for in-store sampling.

“Lure Black Label scents are the perfect companion to sexy swimsuits, lingerie sets, and other softer lifestyle items that help users be their most confident and authentic selves,” O’Bryan said. “Great for pool parties, beach vacations, and summer flings, these pheromone sprays give shoppers something unique to get excited about.”

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