Topco Now Shipping ‘Vulcan’ Warming Strokers Made of Lifelike CyberSkin

By on April 18, 2017

LOS ANGELES, – Topco is now shipping new Vulcan Warming Strokers made of CyberSkin and enhanced with water-based warming lube for an especially lifelike experience. The latest addition to the top-selling line of reusable masturbators, Vulcan Warming Strokers are equipped with a super-slick lubricant formulated for CyberSkin material that warms with friction to create the most satisfying solo experience.

Available in Ass, Mouth, and Pussy textures, CyberSkin Vulcan Warming Strokers are designed with different tightness and interior textures to offer hyper-realistic variety. Whether imitating oral, vaginal or anal sex, these affordable and reusable handheld strokers expertly simulate the feeling of sex with snug sleeves that flex with the user’s grip. And with the addition of Vulcan Warming Lube, these three new CyberSkin Vulcan Warming Strokers make it easy to replicate users’ most intimate fantasies over and over – because these masturbators have removable sleeves for fast and easy cleaning.

“The Vulcan line has remained one of our steadiest sellers, thanks to their simple reusable design, affordable price points, and unmatched internal sensation,” Topco COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “Customers love their versatility – use them for pleasure or stamina training! – and there’s nothing like CyberSkin’s brand power and realistic feel to get shoppers interested and eager to buy. The addition of warming lubricant has taken the Vulcan CyberSkin experience to a whole new level and we look forward to filling orders in time for the spring sales season!”

As with the rest of the Vulcan line, Vulcan Warming Strokers are encased in plastic with colorful shrink-wrap labels that highlight each SKUs texture and design. Stand them on a shelf or hang them from slatwall hooks for eye-catching displays that will brighten up stores’ stroker sections.

To learn more about the Vulcan series and the rest of Topco’s catalog, including matching marketing materials, sales tools, and product videos, please visit

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