Topco Sales Addresses Customer Concerns Following Financial Notice

By on July 5, 2016

LOS ANGELES, – Topco Sales executives have officially addressed customer concerns related to a recent industry notice that was distributed by former parent company Vast Resources notifying of its impending bankruptcy – a loss that Topco Sales officials assure has no financial or legal relation to the company and its current ownership and operation.

The notice, dated March 25, 2016, informed vendors of the detailed financial state of Vast Resources, which relinquished ownership of Topco Sales in 2012 and remains legally and financially disparate from Topco Sales and its business dealings. Owned and operated by WSM Investment after the ownership transfer in 2012, the new Topco Sales has operated successfully and maintained business relationships with most of the vendors in receipt of Vast Resources’ notice.

“While certainly alarming, the financial distress outlined in this notice has no connection to Topco Sales and its current ownership, nor does it affect any part of our current business operations, including relationships with our vendors,” Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “We are sorry to have learned of the concern and confusion that this has caused and, as with all aspects of our business, Topco Sales is committed to transparency and eager to address these important issues personally.”

“The team and I became aware of Vast Resources’ bankruptcy notice and its unfortunate misinterpretation recently and we’re addressing the issue personally and industry-wide,” O’Bryan said. “Please feel free to contact me to continue the conversation or visit the new Topco Sales booth at the upcoming ANME Founders show to see us in person.”

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