Topco Sales Invites Customers, Industry Members to Candid Conversation

By on July 15, 2016

LOS ANGELES – Topco Sales is prepping for the upcoming ANME Founders Show with a brand new booth space and ignited attitude. The team is inviting industry members and clients to have a candid conversation about the company’s business plan and the unique direction that new COO Autumn O’Bryan plans to take the historic brand.

As part of O’Bryan’s strategy, the entire sales team will be on hand during ANME, July 17-19, equipped with tools and information customers need as Topco Sales embarks on its next steps.

“My team and I are directly addressing the challenges and concerns our customers have expressed to us and we look forward to keeping the conversation going next week,” O’Bryan said. “From product development to ecommerce strategy, Topco Sales is already on a path back to the top and our team is prepared to discuss everything, from problem-solving to growth and expansion opportunities. Transparency and delivery are two of my top priorities and I encourage industry members to visit the Topco Sales booth and see what’s in the pipeline.”

With 23 years and experience in almost every aspect of the adult industry, O’Bryan has been tapped to reestablish Topco Sales as a leading manufacturer focused on building trust, promoting quality, and bringing a fresh approach to the next phase of the brands historic legacy.

To schedule a meeting with O’Bryan directly, please email For all other meeting inquiries, please contact your preferred sales representative.

For more information about the new direction of Topco Sales, please visit

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