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I was previously a producer for adult movies and magazines and then moved onto wholesaling. I started the wholesale company ‘One Stop Adult Shop’ which had distribution rights to large and exclusive ranges of products including VHS, toys and magazines etc. One Stop Adult Shop was responsible for introducing the sales of x-rated movies in Queensland adult stores approx 17 years ago and then as a natural progression we opened up our first adult retail store in Boondall, Queensland.

What are your store trading hours/days and how many days or hours a week do you work in your business?
I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (it seems like) and have done so for the past 20 years.
As for my stores, all stores trade 7 days a week and the hours vary between stores. The longer hours are Monday – Saturday from 8:00am up to Midnight and Sundays from 10:00am up to Midnight.

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What do you love most about your adult retail business?
People do not realize how important sexuality is to a person’s relationship or single life. If sexually things are poor, it causes troubles within a relationship, both financially and physically. If you’re having a great sex life, life is great! At times I have been rewarded and the husband and wife have bought me a gift, mainly flowers, to say thank you for saving their relationship by just the simple introduction of suitable products to enhance and re-stimulate their sex life.

We also are recommended by members of the medical profession to assist men with prostate problems, due to the large range of prostate stimulant products in which we carry.

What are some of the best things your business has done?
As mentioned above, we are very proud of assisting people with medical conditions, relationship problems. Through such highly trained staff making sure every individual that enters any of our Totally Adult stores, leaves with the exact product, knowledge and after care that is required.

What makes a great store?
Great highly trained and professional staff whom have a genuine passion for the industry and a store that is vibrant, clean and carries a wide range of some of the older and proven lines as well as the latest and greatest adult retail products that cater for a majority of peoples needs.

What variables define a great store location?
Certain stores need to be in certain areas, depending on their location. For example, smaller towns need to be more discreet as people do not want to be seen entering. Where as in the cities, the best location is main street exposure!

What size are your stores?
Most average 250m2 with a very open plan.

How often would your business change a store layout or re-merchandise?
We are always changing our stores to accommodate the latest range of products.

Does your business target a specific customer demographic?
We cater for both genders, but mainly have a larger following of female customers.

What proportion of your sales is repeat business vs new business?
We offer our customers the ‘TOTALLY ADULT EXPERIENCE’ which we have found generates a lot of repeat customers.

Are your sales staff/store staff trained?
Our staff are renowned, not just in Australia, but overseas, as some of the highest trained staff in the industry. On many occasions we have a number of our overseas suppliers come to our stores to conduct training events and have commented many of times on the professionalism and knowledge of the Totally Adult staff.

What do staff most love about their jobs at your business?
Our staff love working in a fun and progressive industry that is forever changing. Our staff are highly educated and help educate our customers on sexual health and wellness everyday, this is extremely rewarding to know that you can impact someone’s life in such a positive way.

They also love the supportive family-feel team environment that we have worked hard to create, and the constant support and encouragement from management.

Our staff Love being a part of the Totally Adult Experience which we have created for all our customers and employees.

Some staff love the company so much that they get the Totally Adult heart logo tattooed on them… Now that’s passionate!!

If we look at your adult retail business 5 years ago versus now, what changes did you see and how have you responded to them?

The internet has played a large part, unfortunately. On many occasions we have people come into our stores for the knowledge of certain products and then, you know, they are leaving to search it online. But on many occasions, we have had these people come back complaining about their product which they purchased online and ask us for our assistance.

We also compete online under a totally different brand called ‘One Stop Adult Shop’ – This site allows us to be super competitive with a very large range of products at the lowest prices!

What are some of your best selling brands?
We-Vibe, Satisfyer Pro 2, The Rabbit Company, S-Wet and NU, Fleshlight and Pipedream, just to name a few!

What makes a great brand?
Quality, functionality, waterproof, rechargeable and manufacturers support.

How important is new product in a store?
Very important! As there are so many products released into the market each month, I spend a lot of my time reviewing these products trying to find something more unique and functional.

What trends has your business observed in adult pleasure products?
A few years ago, I saw a great breakthrough in a couple’s product called the We-Vibe which has been very successful world wide. And now with products like the Satisfyer Pro 2, which has a whole new technique for female clitoral stimulation. It is great and exciting for the industry to see these new products developed.

How does your business keep informed about adult pleasure products?
I’m in constant contact with American, European and Chinese manufacturers whom are constantly showing me new lines that they are considering or have manufactured.

What variables can ‘make’ or ‘break’ a product in a store?
Rechargeable vs battery operated, waterproof and functionality. The waterproof attribute is not so much so it can be submerged in the bath, it is more so for hygiene purposes so the item can be cleaned properly.

What promotional activity do you engage in?
We always have in store and online promotions which helps introduce different types of products to customers.

How do you create awareness for your store(s).
We use different forms of media, but the majority of our stores are in very busy traffic flow areas.

How do you view the trend toward online shopping and the changing role of the physical shops?
We found the trend of online shopping has started to change slowly, where people are more searching for that customer service and advice for which they require. We have also found with our products, people tend to want them now and not wait a week for delivery. But to cater for those whom prefer to shop online, they are able to utilise or our discount site

What advice could you give someone intending to start in adult retail today?
Don’t do it!

You can find us at:

Facebook: Totally Adult Retail Chain

Trading Name: Totally Adult
Established: 1997
Founder/Managing Director: Mark Bryant
Head Office: Kunda Park, Queensland
Staff: 34 female, 2 male
Store(s): Maroochydore, Caloundra, Aspley, Chermside, Petrie and Bundaberg

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