Triple Curve Rechargeable Rabbit – Happy Rabbit – Lovehoney

By on February 20, 2020

With its three motors, Lovehoney’s Triple Curve Rechargeable Rabbit is not your average vibrator: two prongs extend outwards from the shaft in the centre, one sporting the usual Rabbit ears and the other a string of anal beads.

This makes for an intimidating spectacle. However, the shaft and rabbit ears are soft and flexible enough to avoid pinching, and the six anal beads vary in size with the smallest bead at the insertion end; go as slow as you like.

In practise and despite a lot of lube, the Triple remains anatomically tricky – whether you can insert the anal beads and how far you can insert them depends on the individual. With this in mind, the beads could be on a longer and more flexible leash to include physiognomies across the board.

ff the user does match up to the Triple’s measurements it’s still a case of ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’, as with so many variables it’s not the easiest toy to insert – twice – while simultaneously getting the clitoral stimulation you require. You’ll have to learn to be flexible in your habits as some adjustments will be needed, but that’s to be expected with a toy of this type: just embrace the learning curve.

For those who enjoy playing around with internal sensation, bear in mind it’s unlikely you’ll be able to thrust with Triple’s shaft while keeping the anal beads from slipping out. On the flipside there’s an unexpected advantage to staying still during play, as then the anal beads work to secure the rest of the rabbit in place, leaving your hands-free for partner or nipple-play. Magic!

The mild complexity of the Triple makes it more of an occasional treat rather than one for the daily grind(!), but that doesn’t make the experience any less valuable. Patience is a virtue with the Triple Curve Vibrator, as once you become a master manipulator the accumulative sensation of all three motors working in unison is unbeatable. A potentially risky purchase that’s undeniably worth the gamble.

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