Vibratex Rabbit Pearl Featured in Forbes

By on August 12, 2018

Napa, CA – The Rabbit Pearl from Vibratex, the 35-year industry pioneer in dual-action, advanced-technology toys was featured in an article in Forbes, “20 Years Later, How The ‘Sex And The City’ Vibrator Episode Created a Lasting Buzz”.

In the article, author and Professor Lynn Comella, discusses what may be one of the most influential, recognizable and iconic sex toys in existence. It is quite possible that no other vibrator has captured the mainstream imagination and hearts of female consumers the way the Rabbit Pearl has. Comella notes, “It became not only a pop culture sensation, but a case study in sex-toy product placement that ushered in a new era of sexual consumerism, one in which female shoppers boldly strutted into sex-toy stores looking to purchase the vibrator they’d seen on Sex and the City.”.

Vibratex celebrates 35 years of leadership in the adult industry this year, “We have demonstrated our commitment to our customers, and to their customers in turn over our 35 years with offerings such as the Rabbit Pearl, it pushed the limits of possibilities in dual-action toys at that time”, says Shay Martin, Vice President of Vibratex, she continues:

“To see this character, who’s a little more prim and proper, discover her sexuality likely resonated with a lot of women” she continues “20 years later to still see the impact Sex and the City has had on the Rabbit Pearl, exploration of female sexuality and the sex-positive culture – it’s been an honor and humbling experience” she says.

It is clear to see the impact the Sex and the City episode had, Martin notes “average annual sales jumped by more than 700% in years that followed the airing” and the industry took notice, evidenced by the countless variations of the Rabbit now available to consumers, essentially creating their own category.

To read the full Forbes article by author and Professor Lynn Comella’s, Click Here

View the famous Rabbit Pearl Sex and the City scene here.

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