VRPorn.com Is World’s #1 VR Site

By on November 8, 2017

VRPorn.com is the most-visited virtual reality site in the world and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the mainstream media.

On Tuesday, the Huffington Post published an article titled “Porn Drives Technological Innovation (again); This Time in VR.” Penned by Jarone Ashkenazi, the feature details how porn, again (recall porn’s impact on everything from monetizing phone numbers, rushing the VCR into homes, VHS winning out over beta, the internet – porn has played a role in pretty much every technological step forward in the past 40 years), has again taken the lead with virtual reality.

And leading the way is VRPorn.com, which recently knocked Oculus.com out of the top spot for the most-visited VR site in the world, topping 8.5 million visitors in a month. Oculus is a few hundred thousand behind and coming in third is BaDoinkVR.com, which logged 5 million. After that it drops dramatically, with no one else garnering more than 2.5 million.

When it comes to virtual reality, porn rules.

“With every new advancement in technology, the seldom-spoken truth has been that whatever the platform, the adult-entertainment industry is one of the first to adopt it and eventually drive its growth,” Ashkenazi writes. “The industry which makes a majority of its profits from online content, is littered with adult-entertainment companies and as such, must stay on the cutting edge of technology to survive.”

Ashkenazi writes that it was surprising that VRPorn.com surpassed Oculus.com as the world’s most-visited site, but a handy graphic does indeed tell the story of how VR porn and the web have fallen for each other. Among the details revealed in the graphic:
• “VR Porn” is the #1 generic search term associated with virtual reality
• 30 of the top 50 VR sites are adult sites
• 3 of the top 5 VR sites by monthly visits are adult sites
• Total VR porn site traffic is up 50% from June 2017 to August 2017

“Due to this early adoption of the technology and massive success, VR porn companies are years ahead of non-adult companies in their understanding of what customers want in VR, and how to create the content,” he writes. “Ian Paul, CIO at Naughty America said, ‘VR porn was something that we always dreamed about. It started in 2015 after we tried an Oculus Rift prototype and that summer we released our first VR scene and we now release two VR scenes per week.’ And with the recent announcement of the new Oculus Go headset and its $199 price point, Naughty America expects the rise of VR in all industries, especially porn, to continue. Paul expects sales of the new Oculus Go headset to, ‘add fuel to the fire of VR porn in 2018, as porn is one of the first types of content users who buy a headset seek out.'”

And there is no better – or more popular – place to seek it out than VRPorn.com.

Read “Porn Drives Technological Innovation (again); This Time in VR” at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/porn-drives-technological-innovation-again-this_us_59f8085de4b094db8e76f834?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004.

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