Well + Good Spotlights Tantus in New Feature Story

By on February 9, 2024

Los Angeles, CA — Tantus is proud to announce that its Bend Over Beginner Kit has just been featured in the Well + Good story, “I Teach Strap-On Sex Classes, and This Is the Only Beginner Strap-On Kit I Recommend.”

Written by Gabrielle Kassel with added insight from sex educator and owner of Early to Bed Search Deysach, the story describes the Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit’s enduring appeal, saying, “this is one of the first ever strap-on sex kits to hit the market. It’s been nearly a decade since its original release, but it remains one of her (and my!) favorites.”

Kassel writes, “The kit itself comes with an adjustable harness, two different dildos, a bullet vibrator, and an interchangeable O-ring. Given that this whole line-up costs just $89, you’d be forgiven for assuming these are the one-ply toilet paper version of these pleasure products—but you’d be wrong. The line-up in this kit is the top-notch iteration.” She adds, “the kit comes with not one, but two, different dildos. Both of which are made from high-quality, body-safe, 100-percent silicone and will last a lifetime if cared for.”

Deysach notes, “I can’t overstate how valuable the customizability of this kit is—not only can it be adjusted to fit more than one user, but the O-ring can be easily replaced with one that is bigger or smaller, which means that the harness can accommodate a wide range of dildos beyond just the small(ish) two it comes with. So, if you graduate to a larger dildo or decide you want to experiment with textured, fantasy, or vibrating dildo options you can do so without having to buy a whole new harness.”

Tantus Director of Sales and Marketing Cheri Curry said, “We’re very excited that our Bend Over Beginner Kit was recognized by Well + Good as the perfect strap-on kit for beginners and experienced users alike. The Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit debuted in 1998, and was the first strap-on pegging set to come with everything a user might need to get started ‘sticking it to the man’— including two insertable attachments of increasing sizes, a new concept at the time. We felt that people could benefit from a bundle that would make it easy to get started with pegging, while keeping our focus on body-safe materials and customizability. To this day, the Bend Over Beginner Kit and Bend Over Intermediate Kit have remained two of the best-selling, best-reviewed items in Tantus history. The fact that Well + Good echoes our original vision for the product is incredibly exciting— particularly during the year of our 25th anniversary!”

The Bend Over Beginner and Bend Over Intermediate Kit both feature an adjustable machine-washable harness that fits up to a 60” waist, an O-ring you can use with other attachments – so you can work your way up, a bullet vibrator that fits into a small pocket in the harness; and two insertable 100% medical-grade silicone attachments of increasing sizes.


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