Who’s Jenna Jameson?

By on November 11, 2015

Synergy spoke to Hollywood actress Tracey Birdsall, who was in Australia, promoting her upcoming role – as a Jenna Jameson doppelgaenger – in the sexy new comedy “Who’s Jenna Jameson?”.

The film is a comedy about a woman who is dead-on look-alike for porn actress Jenna Jameson, prompting her new boyfriend and his best mate, to wonder if she really is.

Mother of three and Action On Film Festival Winner Birdsall, known for her years on such legendary soaps as “Loving” and “The Young & The Restless”, 80s hit Family Ties plus numerous TV commercials, billboard campaigns, magazine covers, and a plethora of recent films, shot the movie in New Jersey earlier this year.

Birdsall explains she’s been on the go all year, acting in one movie after another and loves the diversity of playing different genres back to back. The movie, “Whose Jenna Jameson” is a raunchy comedy and then straight after filming that, she dived into the action sci-fi, ‘Robot Fighter’.

But her starring role in “Whose Jenna Jameson” was quite the coincidence. “I was accepting an honorary Maverick Award at a film festival and Thomas Baldiger, the script writer and director, who had been seeking an actress for this particular role for several years, saw me on stage and turned to his wife and suddenly said, I think we’ve found our Jenna”, explains Birdsall. “I was still laughing at page 70 of the script, so I knew it was a great role, after that we moved straight into production shooting in New York and New Jersey”.

Synergy was interested to enquire how Ms Birdsall researched for her particular role as a Jenna Jameson doppelgaenger. “I learnt a lot, I watched her movies, her interviews, I had to pick up nuances to assist with playing the role, I had to become like her, the terminology had to flow off my tongue”. It was a lot of fun and Birdsall identified with the real Jenna Jameson’s self-proclaimed nerdy and geeky youth, an aspect of her (Birdsall’s) youth also.

Real life Porn Star Abigail Rhode, plays, you guessed it, ‘a porn star’, in ‘Who’s Jenna Jameson?’ Rhode is no stranger to the camera having starred in multiple titles including ‘Cougar Tales 3’, ‘Meet the Twins 15’ and ‘Milf Soup 8’. How is the real Jenna Jameson taking this? Well, she seems OK with it all, states Birdsall, once she realized it wasn’t a negative. Almost everyone on the planet seems to have heard of Jenna Jameson, she had a massive impact and has left a huge legacy, it doesn’t seem to be a negative. If someone made a movie called, ‘Who’s Tracey Birdsall?’, “I’d be thrilled”, states Birdsall.

‘Who’s Jenna Jameson?’ is slated for release late 2015, it sounds hilarious, recommended for viewing!

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