XBIZ Award Winner, Kheper Games, Inc. Launches Three New Games

By on January 31, 2016

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce that they have launched their first three new games for the 2016 bachelorette season: Pick-Up Dicks, Bride-to-Be Award Ribbons, and Bride-to-Be Dirty Secrets. Pick Up Dicks is a set of cocktail stirrers, that can also be used to play an adult version of Pick Up Sticks. Each Dick Stirrer collected carries with it either drink assignments or dares. Bride-to-Be Award Ribbons offers six ribbons, where the Bride-to-Be wears one and assigns ribbons like “Miss Priss” and “Hot Mess” to other guests at the party. Finally Bride-to-Be Dirty Secrets is a card game of 107 cards, where party guest attempt to guess the Bride-to-Be’s answers to intriguingly provocative questions.

The three games were pre-launched at the ANME show earlier this year. Kheper Games, Inc. is known as an industry leader in adult games development and won the 2015 XBIZ Adult Game of the Year award recently for their Adult Charades game. Previously they won the 2014 Adult Game of the Year award for their 50 Cards of Bondage game.

“We are honored to win the XBIZ Adult Game of the Year award two years in a row,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Many customers have asked us to bring the same quality and humor to our bride-to-be line of adult games. These three games are the first of numerous new bride-to-be items and games we are launching this winter and spring. We are also very grateful for the support and accolades our colleagues and customers share with us in supporting our creative efforts. It keeps us well-inspired to do more.”

For more details on the new games by Kheper Games, please contact info@khepergames.com.

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