XGEN Products Celebrates 10 Years

By on April 3, 2019

I had left the industry for a year and a half after being in it for ten years. I needed a break. I went in to a totally different industry, but always felt I may wind up back in the adult biz at some point. I kept in touch with a lot of my former customers and we discussed the trends that were taking place, namely the decline of DVD and needing to draw in more female customers, couples, etc. I was looking for things that I could distribute, never even thought about manufacturing until later. So, I started with 1 line. We were distributing Seven ‘Til Midnight lingerie. And everything just grew from there.

How and to what countries are you selling to?
A lot. Australia, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, Japan, China, Korea, the list goes on. We have a ten-foot-long map of the world in our conf room and every time we add a new country we put a pin in it.

In terms of growth, where do you see yourselves now?
We are continuously adapting to the markets and industry. With our recent acquisition of new brands in the last fourteen months, we now offer a very diverse range of products. Female-focused pleasure products, male-focused products, couples kits, lingerie, apparel, shoes, jewellery, accessories, and more.


How do you promote your company and create awareness?
We host an annual warehouse show where we invite our top customers to see all of the newest products and go on a “shopping spree” in our warehouse.

We also attend and exhibit at the majority of the shows in the industry, across the globe. ANME Founders, Expomark, Altitude, XBIZ. You can always find us there. As for social media, we have really just begun to scratch the surface. It is an additional way to reach our best customers, and possibly find new ones. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@xgenproducts).

Direct sales? Amazon, Ebay, your thoughts?
We stay true to our retailers. We do not sell direct on amazon or Ebay. We do not want to be in competition with our customers who have supported us from day one.

What are some of your best-selling items?
Without a doubt it is The Bodywand. Since its birth, we have sold over 2 million units. Between the traditional wands, USB rechargeable wands, mini massagers, gift sets, and more, there is something for everyone. The Bodywand also has a very successful international following. All plug-in wands can be used with multiple foreign plugs, such as AUS, EU, and UK. Four different languages are also printed on all of the packaging. It is not just another American knock-off. It is the real deal.


How is the global market in terms of distribution and retail evolving?
Consumer knowledge and interaction has changed dramatically with the internet, social media, etc. I am full on right now educating store staff and consumers about our items. I hired a person to literally travel the USA 48 weeks out of the year to do trainings, store events, etc. We will spend a week canvassing a particular city and teaching anyone who will listen!

What brands/product categories are you now manufacturing and how did you select these?
We are manufacturing more products than ever before now, with the acquisition of brands such as The Rabbit Company, Baci Lingerie, OVO Lifestyle Toys and Whipsmart. Our brands reach all aspects of the industry, including apparel, lingerie, accessories, shows, jewellery, adult toys, and more!

Staff resources?
I truly love our staff. They are dedicated, loyal, and hard working. We all spend time with each other away from work too. We genuinely are all friends. It’s always a blast to work a trade show together. They each have their own techniques, but it is generally a combination of phone/email/text. For larger customers we go on the road and train them and their staff and get in to the stores to see what they need and want. We are always looking for customer feedback to improve our items and procedures.

Where do you see the company now and where would you like it to be in 5 years?
We will keep coming out with new and exciting products as the markets shift. We support our retailers 100%. Our customer service and fill rates complete the total package for the customer.

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