Xgen Products Introduces All-New Superhero Panties and Boyshorts

By on January 21, 2016

Horsham, PA, -: Holy Hotness, Batman – are those the official Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman logos printed on panties and boy shorts? Why yes, yes they are – and you can only get them from Xgen Products!

POW! Xgen is karate chopping the crossover market with six amazing graphic-printed panties and boy shorts. Each high-quality garment is decorated with the officially-licensed logos of iconic superheroes including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Sold in pre-packs of six pieces, the brand new addition to Xgen’s catalog is available and shipping now.

“I took one look at these and knew they were a home run,” Xgen’s Andy Green exclaims. “Retailers are not going to be able to keep these great pieces in stock – we’ve already placed a factory re-order after only one day of sales!”

Already established as a top supplier of lingerie and soft items to both adult and mainstream retail channels, Xgen is positioned perfectly to make an explosive entrance into the comic-related market. The all-new graphic garments join Xgen’s equally sexy offerings from Lapdance Lingerie, Pleasure Wigs and Eye Candy Accessories.

The Officially Licensed Superhero Panties and Boy Shorts are shipping now. Interested retailers should contact their Xgen account representative to order, visit xgenproducts.com, email sales@xgenproducts.com or call 877-450-9436.

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