Xgen Products Now Shipping New Items from Peekaboos Pasties

By on June 24, 2015

Horsham, PA –XBIZ’s Specialty Distributor of the Year Xgen Products is pleased to present new items from Peekaboos Pasties, the perfect self-adhesive fashion pasties that last as long as you do. Boasting 20 new SKUs, the new Peekaboos Pasties collection of premium fabric nipple covers is shipping now and available to order.

“As a fashion utility or sensual add-on, the demand for nipple pasties is immense, but what sets Peekaboos Pasties apart is the quality of form and function,” explains Xgen Products President Andy Green. “Top-of-the-line self-adhesive technology and fabric composition is what keeps customers coming back, and we are proud and excited to offer new items from this bestselling line.”

The new Peekaboos Pasties collection includes 20 SKUs of fresh, graphic designs like Hot Kisses, Money Maker, Trucker Girls, and Schoolgirl, with premium Neon 3-Packs at an exceptional value.

Call your Xgen representative today to order new Peekaboos Pasties items, and be sure to ask about Peekaboos’ other top quality lines of Body Crystals and Nipple Jewelry

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