XR Brands Expands ‘Tailz’ Faux Fur Anal Plugs with Vibrating ‘Waggerz’

By on November 22, 2019

Huntington Beach, CA – XR Brands has expanded its top-selling Tailz collection of faux fur animal tail anal plugs with vibrating options and two new Waggerz, whimsical remote-control animal tail plugs featuring vibration and automated wagging movement. These new additions take this kind of roleplay to the most realistic level with fluffy faux fur, powerful motors, and the ability to incorporate even more primal animal instincts.

The two new Waggerz plugs include a Fox Tail and Leopard Tail with matching ears, each crafted with premium silicone, fluffy faux fur and realistic accents. These clever sexcessories are equipped with a motor that vibrates with 7 speeds and wags at 7 modes, swishing its long animal tail side to side for a roleplay experience that’s both lifelike and intensely stimulating. The hypnotic swishing motion mesmerizes and can be controlled by your “owner” using a convenient remote control, letting you or your partner easily control your animal instincts.

The new vibrating additions to the Tailz line include the Rainbow Pony Tail Vibrating Anal Plug, the Grey Fox Tail Vibrating Anal Plug, and the Pink Bunny Tail Vibrating Anal Plug. Each is equipped with 3 vibration speeds and 7 vibration functions for buzzing booty bliss and powered by a convenient remote control, making it easy to play out your favorite animal roleplay scene – solo or with a partner.

“Tailz was originally created to make affordable animal tail anal plugs that could be used for roleplay, and we’re excited to expand the line using sex tech to enhance the experience,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “The new vibrating Tailz and the two new Waggerz take animal tail anal plugs to a new level using powerful remote-operated vibration, and Waggerz lets users incorporate even more realistic animal traits to their scenes thanks to their automated swishing and swaying movements. These eye-catching items make great displays and are sure to attract attention.”

Each new Tailz and Waggerz plug is made with premium silicone and comes complete with a remote control for super-easy solo play and extra fun when the power is handed over to a partner. The new vibrating Tailz plugs have an MSRP of US$69.95 while the Waggerz plugs have an MSRP of US$99.95.

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