XR Brands Wins ‘Outstanding Anal Product’ Award for Thump It Anal Plug

By on February 7, 2020

Huntington Beach, CA – XR Brands took home the 2020 AVN O Award for Outstanding Anal Product, honoring the Thump It 7X Medium Anal Plug for uniqueness in functionality and sensation. Available in multiple shapes, Thump It stimulators utilize kinetic technology to create an ultra-powerful thumping sensation never before seen – or felt – in the anal product category.

One of the most talked-about products at recent trade shows, Thump It includes the original 7x Medium Thumping Anal Plug, the 7x Large Thumping Anal Plug made for a fuller sensation, and the 7x Medium Thumping Anal Plug, perfect for lovers of prostate stimulation. Each Thump It stimulator is waterproof, and equipped with seven thumping functions, a convenient remote control for easy use, and premium silicone construction.

“We are so excited to be recognized for Outstanding Anal Product for our Thump It 7X Medium Anal Plug,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “The Thump It series has been in-demand since its debut thanks to its unexpected alternative to traditional vibration, and now we’ve incorporated the unique kinetic technology into even more shapes – including three realistic dildos for anal or vaginal pleasure. Thanks to AVN and everyone who voted for the Thump It 7X Medium Anal Plug to win this award!”

The Thump It collection includes seven anal plugs of various shapes and sizes and three realistic dildos, each equipped with kinetic technology for a unique internal “thuddy” sensation. Thump It is packaged in color-blocked boxes suitable for slatwall or shelf displays. Each box features images of the product as well as an eye-grabbing “Made with Kinetic Technology.”

“Thump It stimulates in a completely unique way and gives users something new, different, and intensely pleasurable, which has kept our customers placing reorders,” Weinberg said. “We look forward to exploring more ways to incorporate kinetic technology into even more Thump It shapes and designs.”

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