Aneros Expands in Australasia

By on September 18, 2019

HOUSTON, TX – Aneros®, the sexual health and wellness innovator, is celebrating after Brent Aldon, the company’s director of sales and marketing, embarked on a month-long tour to train the staff of several retail stores who are carrying their products in New Zealand and Australia. The international expedition is part of Aneros’ initiative to share education about new developments in prostate and Kegel health as well as sales tips and information about the Aneros brand and philosophy.

In August, Aldon presented and trained at more than 50 stores, including New Zealand’s Peaches & Cream franchise and Australia’s Sexyland and Club X stores, in addition to the Aneros’ Australian distribution company, Windsor Wholesale. Staff members at every location were friendly and receptive, embracing the information provided with enthusiasm as evidenced in the resulting product orders.

“Education is exceptionally important to us,” Aldon said. “Providing knowledge to our partners is important not only for the Aneros brand, but for creating a progressive discourse about human sexuality and all of its benefits. To be able to help someone else on their journey towards greater intimacy and connection is the most fulfilling aspect of my career. To say the trip was a success is an understatement; everyone we worked with was incredibly open and excited about what they learned and the new tools provided to help end the stigmas associated with sex. Our business relationship grew more than ever before, and I’m already looking forward to returning to Australasia again in the near future.”

“Brent’s enthusiasm was infectious, his presentation is informative and engaging,” said Windsor Wholesale Australasia’s co-founder and head of sales David Watt. “The Aneros brand is well respected in Australia. Their range has double the value, firstly as a sexual wellness tool with its prostate education, and secondly as a pleasure product, all rolled into one. The quality of the materials are unsurpassed, Aneros is clearly the market leader in this category and Windsor Wholesale Australasia is proud to be their partner down under”.

The training included information about the capabilities and use of Aneros products such as its latest prostate massagers, VICE 2, and the newest members of the Trident series, MGX Syn Trident and Eupho Syn Trident, as well as its innovative Kegel exercisers, the hands-free VIVI and the best-selling EVI. Staffers learned how Aneros products impact overall sexual health and wellness and discovered the advantages of their use as an alternative treatment modality.

This year has been packed with education and outreach. In addition to New Zealand and Australia, Aldon has visited England, the Netherlands, Shanghai, Singapore and Canada.

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