A Summer of #LELOLove

By on September 22, 2016

Stockholm – Today LELO wraps up one of their hottest summers to date after launching the LELO HEX™ condom crowdfunding campaign to overwhelming response, which caused a chain reaction of successes across the brand.

This summer LELO turned its attentions to one area of the industry which has, until now, seemed at odds with the goal of achieving pleasure. With a revolutionary design that maximized safety without sacrificing sensation, LELO soon saw their re-engineered condom exceeding even their expectations. After the June 14th launch, their campaign goals were exceeded by 3246% on Indiegogo and over a million dollars was raised across both LELO.com and Indiegogo crowdfunding pages.

While putting their HEX™ condom into the bedrooms of over 30,000 backers was a start, LELO further pushed the envelope by hosting a first-of-its-kind live testing event at Croatia’s Fresh Island Festival. With more than a thousand condoms donated for people to try out, excitement for HEX™ was reaching fever pitch this summer!

“We had high hopes for HEX™ and were delighted the demand we saw this summer,” says Steve Thomson, LELO CMO. “Some of our top sales were our 12 and 36-packs, proving people were confident in the revolutionary nature of our condom. That’s an amazing boost of support from our fans who trust our brand to give them the very best in quality. Interestingly, we also saw sales of other products pick up substantially during what is traditionally a slower time in the industry―specifically INA Wave™, LUNA Beads™ and GIGI™ 2. It would definitely be safe to say we have seen one of our most explosive summers yet.”

Riding high on the success of HEX™, it will certainly be interesting to see what new products LELO has in store for pleasure-seekers to fall in love with. Retailers interested in stocking HEX™ or any LELO products can contact sales@lelo.com for more information.

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