Adult Industry leader invests in AXF

By on October 17, 2017

Adult Industry business leader invests in AXF Crowdfunding platform during the second round of equity investment raise.

AXF, the world’s only adult crowdfunding platform is pleased to announce the new investment into the platform.

Juicy Jay, Founder and CEO of Juicy Ads, the award winning adult advertising company has invested in the second phase of funding for AXF.

“With the growth in the crowdfunding sector and the variety of international adult cam-paigns emerging on a regular basis, it is obvious the industry needs a specific crowdfunding platform and I wanted to be part it as it grows from strength to strength.”
– Juicy Jay, Founder and CEO of Juicy Ads

Jason Maskell, Founder of AXF stated “We are delighted to welcome Jay as an investor! It’s great to have Jay understand our vision for AXF and how we want to open up funding for new and existing companies in the adult sector.”

Launched in January 2017, AXF now features an array of adult campaigns from all across the world. Projects online include the clever female contraception product from Luwi; The Little Bird which is the first smart vibrator that connects to erotic books via an app; Adult Industry Talk an online platform created to promote adult companies amongst many more.

AXF plan to also add equity crowdfunding options to their crowdfunding platform in early 2018 and are currently inviting investment from interested parties. Funding from this will be allocated to adding the equity function on the site, in addition to increasing marketing and advertising activities.

For further information on investing in the AXF platform, please contact Jason Maskell on

For further press information, please contact Nina Saini on

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