Adult Time Announces Content Partnership with Prestige Japan

By on February 1, 2021

Montreal, QC — Adult Time announces an exciting new content partnership with Japanese studio Prestige, commencing with the anticipated release of the company’s first scene, Close-Up Eroticism, starring top AV idol Mizuho Uehara. 

Prestige, known worldwide as the Hottest Porn Studio in Japan, has an unparalleled reputation for nearly 20 years as a premier producer of quality adult films that showcase a variety of beautiful performers that range from all-new amateurs to established superstars.

 ‘We want to let people know about Prestige all over the world, not only in Japan, and with the help of Adult Time, our wish has come true. We sincerely thank Adult Time,” said Prestige director Koken.

“Prestige is widely known and well sold in Japan, as well as across Asia, and we are confident that our work will satisfy Adult Time’s members.” Close-Up Eroticism, Episode One was released January 26th, with Episode Two set for release January 27th, Episode Three out January 28 and Episode Four February 10thJuice Which Cum from Mion Sonoda, Episode One, follows with a February 24th release.

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