Alexander Institute Now North America Master Distributor for FPPR, Boners & Sway Vibes

By on July 3, 2018

Alexander Institute, producer of the world’s largest sex education series, is now the exclusive North America Master Distributor for EDC Wholesale’s house brands Boners, FPPR and Sway.

EDC Wholesale and Alexander Institute will introduce the lines to North American buyers at the ANME founders show on July 15 – 17, 2018 at the Convention Center of the Burbank Airport Marriott.

EDC Wholesale is a Holland-based company, known for its house brands with outstanding package designs. The EDC Wholesale design team created remarkable packaging for its brands, with the specific reason of making the brands stand out in any shop presentation. The round shape of the Boners cock rings fits perfectly in the round packaging, offering a collection of products to stimulate the penis and balls, with an impressive assortment of cock rings, ball stretchers, as well as masturbation cream, penis cleaner, XXL cream, erection cream, delay cream and delay spray.

FPPR. (pronounced as Fapper) brings an intense stimulation and an unforgettable climax to the male sex toy user. The line offers masturbators with a discreet and stylish look, a complete
collection to satisfy any man’s desire when alone, on the road or indulged by his bed partner. “The packaging is a crucial element for consumer decision-making and therefore a very
important part of the product,” according to FPPR’s designer. The package suggests a world map to emphasize the traveling aspect of the product.

Sway Vibes is a luxurious vibe collection, designed to stimulate all the sensitive spots and
massage the body for a relaxing and pleasurable sensation. The excellent quality and
ergonomic shape of the vibrators perfectly direct the vibrations to the body for a fantastic
experience. Visitors of the ANME Founders show will have a worldwide premiere introduction of the newest Sway Vibes edition, Sway No. 3, a silky smooth lay-on vibrator to enhance female pleasure. The stimulator is ergonomically shaped and is made of premium quality silicone for an intense, but comfortable stimulation of the vulva.

The Boners, FPPR. and SWAY collections are now exclusively distributed in North America by ALEXANDER INSTITUTE, producer of the world’s largest sex education series and publisher of a number of books for lovers. Their critically acclaimed instructional programs, now available on DVD and VOD, are for couples and singles who want to enhance their sex life. World-renowned sex therapists, educators, and best-selling authors develop this erotic and informative series, featuring real couples in real situations.

The cooperation of these two intimacy industry giants provides exciting new opportunities for marketing and sales of all three lines. The latest products from Boners, FPPR. and SWAY will be shown at the ALEXANDER
INSTITUTE and EDC Wholesale booth at ANME – Booths 87 and 86 in the main hall.
Special deals will be available.

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