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By on October 31, 2016

The person behind Satisfyer is an international investor in different industries who has already successfully launched and sold brands in the erotic industry such as Baci Lingerie and ovo. In addition, he is also the sole owner of the largest online erotic store with over 7.5 million repeat customers, this bring us strong manufacturing and e-retailer experience. We, as company lead the lubricant market, in units, in Europe with our own brand.

What are the company´s goals?

Like every industry, research and development are essential to compete in a saturated market, to maintain and to increase market share and to meet more than ever, the demands of the todays internet educated and savvy consumer. Changing colours and shapes won’t ever really satisfy that need nor bring added value. Today we are proudly taking the lead in the new pressure wave toys category forcing competition to massively lower their existing retail price.

We are always striving to improve. As an example, early this month Satisfyer Pro 2 will be manufactured and shipped as his newest generation version, it’s 90% quieter, with less intensity at the lowest speed. This was a request we’ve received from end customers and we took it seriously.

Vibrators is also a market segment in which we are massively investing in patents and engineering to develop other best sellers, for example, our new Partner Toy. At eroFame this year, amongst other new Satisfyer products, we will also be present our new Partner Toy.

What inspired the development of the Satisfyer?

First of all, I would like to emphasize that offering the choice to end customers is an absolute necessity in retail. No manufacturer can and should be the only one in a market.

We sold Satisfyer Pro 1 when we learned that the Womanizer Company did not want to sell to our owner’s online business in Germany. He then decided to hire several engineering companies and patent lawyers firm to develop our own technology, what ended up taking one and half years to achieve actual results. The background is that patented technology can’t be circumvented and you need to develop your complete own solution. This was a long 18-month process and a seven digit cost. At the end of the day, we consider the Satisfyer Pro 2 to be a better solution, waterproof and safer to use because it’s more hygienic (no liquid goes inside our device compare to our competitors). In addition to having our own technology we’ve applied locally to every market to get our own patents, and protect them efficiently. We filed simultaneous patent registrations for example in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and are under the process of filing in many other countries.

What makes the Satisfyer Pro 2 unique?

First, – a much lower price point difference from the competition, which has nothing to do with technology, but rather a manufacturer’s appetite for margin! What surprisingly seems to have changed, looking at our competition recently, is a sudden price reduction. Satisfyer Pro 2 is also waterproof which, according to many thousand reviews, intensify a women’s orgasm under water.

Our technology also leads to much better hygiene, in general and in particular comparison to our main competitor, as no liquid can enter the device (we don’t have a 2nd inner chamber), which you can easily take as another unique characteristic.

Discuss the international success of the Satisfyer. How has the response been from retailers and distributors?

We introduced Satifsyer Pro in April this year and started to ship in May.

We launched simultaneously in the USA, Europe and Australia. In Europe, aside from Orion in Germany, all key distribution companies have immediately become successful partners. We’ve just signed our 32nd distributor last week and have decided to go direct with some top key chains retailers in the U.S.

Our massive campaign to offer over 50,000 free Satisfyer Pro 2 so far, provided to all our distributors, their staff and all retail teams has had a big push and has been a great success.

As always, education is another key and nothing is better to convince store staff than to try Satisfyer Pro 2 themselves. In addition to our videos in 8 languages on our website (, we also supply, free of charge, all retailers with a beautiful free counter display and one free tester.

What inspired your move in Australia?

Also If you allow me, I really would like to be totally transparent with our readers in regards to the Australian market. Some distributors have been, since the Satisfyer launch, unfairly informed of legal action with potential penalties and totally misguided on patent vocabulary by our only competition. We found it highly unfair and already replied to this via press releases.

Being close to our distributors and our retailers is the only way to learn, to improve and to develop our brand with efficiency. “Be global and act local”, you know the famous phrase… and we are really happy with our two partners in Australia. As a key of our success, we do not have any exclusivity in any country.

What are your future goals/ expectations for Satisfyer?

After taking the lead on that segment, we will continue to work hard and invest massively to manufacture and offer only best sellers with great profit margin for all retailers. Our competitor had to obviously adapt his high price strategy bringing a new product below $99 and finally waterproof but still dealing with the fact that water goes inside the device (the second inner chamber we don´t have based on our new technology). It’s amazing to see how. now in this industry. we are finally looking closer at what end customers want and how much they are ready to spend for their sexual wellness.

Also new innovative patented products will be presented regularly like the Satisfyer new products and our new Partner toy which we are presenting at Erofame this month. We will also present a new innovative toy for men next year.

What can you tell us about the new products?

We are launching four new Satisfyer products. Satisfyer 1 and Satisfyer 2 are battery operated whilst Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and Satisfyer Pro 2 are all rechargeable. All those new products will be introduced at eroFame in October where we have a booth. Please come and visit us!

I can tell you that they are amazing products and will be very successful for you. For example, our fantastic designed, silicone Satisfyer Pro Penguin, costs 30% less than the new 99 Euro Womanizer but offers 250% percent net mark up for retailers (from distributor net to RRP net).

A Synergy Magazine interview with Jerome Bensimon, Satisfyer VP of Sales.

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