ANEROS’ EVI Featured in Fleshbot’s Top 10 Marital Aids of the Year List

By on January 9, 2015
Aneros Evi

HOUSTON, Texas, Aneros, the world renowned sexual health and wellness company, has earned yet another industry nod – this time from Fleshbot staff and readers hailing EVI as one of their favorite “Marital Aids” of the year. In addition to Aneros’ Kegel exerciser, the annually curated list features Fleshbot’s top 10 intimacy-enhancing sexual products reviewed by the site’s staff and purchased by its readers.

“We are extremely honored by the recognition from Fleshbot’s staff and readers, and even more elated by the continued embrace of EVI by women all over the world,” said Aneros CEO CT Schenk. “We took the feedback we received to heart, and we’re very pleased to have created such a great balance between health, comfort, and erotic pleasure.”

The anatomically designed EVI is made of velvety smooth medical grade silicone, guaranteeing erotic stimulation, as well as PC muscle strengthening. With correct insertion, EVI can stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris and lead to incredible body sensations. Firm enough to comfortably rotate, yet still hold its shape, EVI delivers an inner fullness by easily adapting to the anatomical contours of the user’s vagina.

Of the EVI, Fleshbot reviewer Holly Kingstown wrote, “Designed to be a pelvic floor exerciser that stimulates your clit and G-spot as you do your Kegel exercises, [the EVI keeps everything tight up in your vag. Benefits to keeping your pussy muscles tight include great sex with lots of strong orgasms, bladder control, easier child birth and recovery from child birth.]”

“It’s pretty cool that the peeps at Aneros thought to make a toy that makes keeping these muscles strong, an immediate orgasm stimulator,” added Kingstown.

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In addition to strengthening PC muscles, EVI also increases blood flow, which enhances female arousal, and contributes to frequent, multiple, intense orgasms. Enhanced bladder control is yet another health benefit, as is the facilitation of healthy pregnancies, leading to easier delivery and post-partum recovery.

EVI is Aneros’ first sexual wellness product specifically made for women; it measures 5.7 inches – undetectable under clothing.

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