Aneros® Partners with Prostate Charity for Second “Aneros Goes Blue” Campaign

By on October 14, 2021

Houston, TX – Aneros®, the popular sexual health and wellness innovator, is excited to announce its second annual “Aneros Goes Blue” campaign. This year, Aneros has created a new, limited-edition product and partnered with a renowned prostate cancer charity in a push to create greater prostate health awareness. Their new device boasts the award-winning Helix Syn Trident design and is colored blue, in honor of Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness Month in November. The Helix Syn Blue Trident Prostate Health and Wellness Special Edition was created to bring attention to November as a special month and to promote the sharing of information related to prostate health with a focus on education, awareness, research, and patient support. Supplies are limited for this special edition device.

Aneros has partnered with ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer, a charity that focuses on prostate health, education, and resources. A portion of the sale of every Helix Syn Blue Trident Prostate Health and Wellness Special Edition will be donated to the cause. The Helix Syn Blue will be available to partners and retailers in an “Aneros Goes Blue” promotional kit that comes with 5 Helix Syn Blue massagers, specially designed POS items including tent-cards and sign wobblers with prostate-focused information, and special edition Aneros Goes Blue shirts provided for sales staff.

“Aneros wanted to team with a respected and worthy charity partner and ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer was an easy choice. A portion of the sale of every Helix Syn Blue Trident will be donated to ZERO  to help them continue their charitable work, educating people about disease prevention, improving diagnostic tests, and supporting those in need of assistance. And of course, we are very excited to finally launch this product, it’s a concept 5 years in the making. This is a great way to bridge that gap between the sexual health and wellness and mainstream health industries. Who better to do it than the true originators, the pioneers of prostate products,” says Brent Aldon, director of sales and marketing for Aneros. 

From the ZERO website, “For more than twenty years, we have helped save lives, support research and new treatments, educate and test men, and unite communities to make prostate cancer a national priority. Together we’ve made a significant impact on the fight against the disease. We are on the front lines investing in patient support programs, research for better diagnostics, and creating awareness. No other prostate cancer charity spends more per dollar on programs – more than 85 cents. ZERO puts every donation to good use.”

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