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By on April 27, 2016

With a name like Ass-Gasm there was no escaping the inevitability that this toy would end up in our collection. Part of Pipedream’s extensive stable of erotic enablers, the Ass-Gasm has proved a growing success for men of every sexual persuasion since its launch, unsurprising since it includes a prostate and perineum massager, as well as a cock ring.

Like an everlasting loop of infinite pleasure, the Ass-Gasm is as as visually appealing as it is aurally, with a pleasing line to its design tracing from the end of the bigger prostate massager, down across the perineum strap, circling around the cockring and back up to its bulbous base. It even feels great in your palm: made of silky silicone it’s malleable yet solid, light enough in the hand but weighty where it counts.

Every Ass-Gasm purchase includes a sachet of lube and two tubes of desensitizing Anal Eaze cream, as well as two finger sleeves to help open up the anus prior to insertion. However, before you introduce the plug you may find it easier to put on the cock ring. Smooth and stretchy, with a liberal dollop of lube it slides on nicely around the base of the penis.

Speaking of fine lines, the unsung hero of the Ass-Gasm is the slim bridge area of the toy that links both ends. Resting against the perineum it applies pressure to the underside and, if the cock ring’s worn under the testicles, splits the ball sack creating a divine sensation in the process. At the opposite end, the butt plug nestles nicely against the P-Spot, unlikely to fall out due to its cleverly moulded head and tapering base.

During sex, solo or otherwise, that the Ass-Gasm proves itself to be eye-wateringly orgasmic. As the wearer moves, a pleasingly teasing tug-of-war over the perineum ensues between the cock ring and the butt plug, placing rhythmic pressure onto the P-Spot in the process. The result of this combined stimulation is, of course, explosive.

As long as it suits your anatomy the Ass-Gasm is near perfect in practice: it really is a great all-rounder. Aptly named and beautifully executed, this is one boy toy you guys won’t want to be without.

A Synergy review by Mia More, Editor,

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