Behind the Scenes at Womanizer: This is How Sex Toys are Developed

By on October 27, 2021

Berlin – Womanizer revolutionized the sex toy market seven years ago with the invention of its patented Pleasure Air technology and the launch of its first product. Since its launch, the portfolio has been continuously improved and expanded. Womanizer invests many resrouces in the research & development (R&D) – more than any other brand in the industry.

But: What does that mean? How does the product development of a sex toy look like? What steps, tasks, jobs or teams are involved? How are new products or technologies tested – and most importantly, WHO is testing them? This and more is answered in this new video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at Womanizer.

As explained in the video, Womanizer works with a global tester panel – the MasturbaTEAM – consisting of over 10,000 women and men. Based on their feedback, the new generation of Womanizer products – Premium 2, Classic 2 and Starlet 3 – have been further developed.

Premium 2, Classic 2 and Starlet 3 will be available from October 26, 2021.

All products come with Pleasure Air technology, which stimulates the sensitive nerve endings of the clitoris with gentle air waves, creating a new orgasmic sensation. In addition, over 40% plastic has been saved in each packaging.

What’s new?

Premium 2

Image material Since its launch in 2018, Premium has been the bestseller in the Womanizer portfolio. In addition to Pleasure Air, the toy offers two other features: Autopilot and Smart Silence. With Premium 2, the enhanced version is now on the market. Premium 2 includes Autopilot 2.0, a feature that allows users to relinquish control while the toy harmoniously switches between different intensity levels. The transitions of the new Autopilot 2.0 are now even smoother and offer more variety. Premium 2 also comes with 14 (instead of the previous 12) intensity levels. The new level 14 has the same intensity as the old level 12, while the two additional levels provide an even smoother increase in stimulation. Thanks to the Smart Silence function, the stimulation only starts when there is skin contact. Until then, the Womanizer is in standby mode and resumes this mode when the product is no longer in contact with the skin. Additionally, Premium 2 now comes in two new colors: Bordeaux and Warm Grey.

Product details:

  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
  • Soft, body-friendly silicone
  • Autopilot 2.0
  • Smart Silence funktion
  • 14 intentsity levels
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Magnetic charging
  • Price: 189 €
  • Colors (new): Bordeaux, Warm Grey
  • Other colors: Black, Blueberry, Raspberry

Classic 2

Classic is – as the name suggests – the classic among Womanizer products.  The toy is elegant, discreet and easy to use. Classic 2 comes with the innovative and unique in the Womanizer portfolio Afterglow function. This technology provides a soft ending after an intense orgasm, when the clitoris is at its most sensitive. By briefly pressing the power button, the product switches back to the lowest intensity level. This way, users can let their orgasm fade away pleasantly. Furthermore, Classic 2 comes in two new colors, Black and Bordeaux, and comes with 10 (instead of 8) intensity levels.

Product details:  

  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
  • Soft-touch ABS surface & body safe silicone
  • Afterglow function
  • 10 intentsity levels
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Magnetic charging
  • Price: 129 €
  • Colors (new): Black, Bordeaux

Starlet 3

Starlet is the perfect toy for Womanizer newbies who would like to try Pleasure Air. The new product, Starlet 3, is the result of feedback from two generations of users. Starlet 3 now has 6 (instead of 4) intensity levels and comes in five new and bright colors. So there is something for everyone.

Product details:

  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
  • ABS body with silicone stimulation head
  • 6 intentsity levels
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Magnetic charging
  • Price: 69 €
  • Colors (new): Turquoise, Violet, Gray, Pink, Indigo

A new look for Womanizer

Additionally, the three products are the first in the portfolio to use the new Womanizer logo. With this, the brand wants to position itself even more contemporary and herald a new era of products.

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