Blush Proudly Announces the Development of Natural & Sustainable ‘BioTouch™’ Material

By on April 22, 2022

Garden City, NY – Blush has perfected their newest sustainable pleasure innovation: BioTouch™, a natural rubber material with high tensile strength and tear resistance for long-lasting durability. The winner of ETO’s 2020 “Excellence in Sustainability” Award and makers of Gaia, the world’s first eco-friendly sex toy line made of compostable plant-based material, Blush is once again on the cutting edge of eco-friendly innovation.

Like all the materials Blush uses, BioTouch™ meets strict quality and safety requirements and is sturdy yet luxurious. BioTouch™ ensures toys made with it will go the distance.

Eco-conscious shoppers will be relieved to know that their pleasure product has minimal impact on the environment. Non-petroleum-based products such as natural rubber are a far better choice than synthetic rubber or plastic, and Blush sources its rubber from sustainable and responsible farmers. Additionally, rubber trees can assist the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation.

Blush owners, husband-and-wife team Eric Lee and Verna Meng, are as passionate about living eco-friendly lives as they are about creating high-quality pleasure products. The pair spent years in pursuit of alternatives to traditional plastic materials so they could bring those passions together with products offered by Blush.

“We wanted to bring sustainability into the adult toy industry,” Blush CEO Verna Meng said. “When Gaia was created, there was nothing in the sex toy market that was made by sustainable material. Knowing how sexual wellness products have grown to play such an important role in a healthy lifestyle, we wanted to develop products that can make a difference beyond the bedroom, but also in our beautiful environment.”

Blush will soon add four exciting new BioTouch™ toys to their popular, eco-friendly Gaia line. Gaia has turned heads and stolen hearts as the world’s first eco-friendly sex toy line made of plant-based material.

“It has been exciting to watch the demand and growth of the Gaia line,” Blush Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini said. “The wonderful thing about the Gaia line is that while being eco-friendly, they also have great performance and price points.”

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