CalExotics Launches Sexual Wellness Products with Award-Winning OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross

By on September 17, 2020

Ontario, CA — CalExotics, the world’s leading manufacturer of pleasure products, has teamed up with award-winning OB/GYN, sexual health educator and best-selling author Dr. Sherry Ross to launch a variety of sexual wellness products. The She-ology™ and They-ology™ collections are designed to help people train, improve and enhance their sexual health to make intimate encounters more pleasurable.  

The collections feature five new products: 

  1. She-ology CBD-Infused Love Oil: An all-natural, long-lasting, CBD-infused organic coconut lubricant and massage oil. 
  2. She-ology Interchangeable Weighted Kegel Set: Six interchangeable, silicone weights ergonomically designed to tighten and tone the pelvic muscles. 
  3. She-ology Advanced 3-piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set: Three advanced wearable and ergonomically-designed silicone dilators designed to help restore and revive vaginal strength and comfort. 
  4. They-ology Vibrating Intimate Massager: A premium silicone, vibrating personal massager that increases circulation and enhances intimacy. 
  5. They-ology 5-piece Wearable Anal Training Kit: Five wearable, pliable and durable silicone anal dilators designed for easy training and comfortable daily wear. 

In addition to these new items, the She-ology™ 5-piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set is also available. This set of five wearable and ergonomically-designed silicone dilators designed to help restore and revive vaginal strength and comfort.

“I believe that taking charge of your intimate health is the key to living healthier and happier,” said Ross. “These products help benefit all people, at every stage of life.”  

This line is a continuation of Ross’ pursuit to give people the means to take control of their sexual health. She released her first book She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Health. Period. In 2017 and She-ology, the She-quel: Let’s Continue the Conversation in 2020. 

“It’s inspiring to partner with an OB/GYN who is so open and honest about the physical and emotional issues people face when it comes to sexual intimacy,” said Susan Colvin, Founder and CEO of CalExotics. “Pain and discomfort during vaginal or anal sex is more common than people realize, and Dr. Sherry is on a mission to provide people with tangible solutions that benefit everyone.”

To help support and educate their customers, CalExotics offers a variety of resources. Catering to online retailers, CalExotics offers fun, informational videos available to download or stream on Newly enhanced images are also available for the She-ology™ and They-ology™ collections. They can be downloaded on each product page, along with specially designed social media assets available for download here.

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