Cosmo gushes over Tickle Kitty Vibe!

By on September 16, 2016

“If Apple made a vibe, this would be it,” raves top Cosmopolitan editors in the magazine’s October 2016 edition. They’re referring to the Jopen Callie Vibrating Mini Wand, now getting big play on

“Cosmo liked Tickle Kitty’s easy-to-navigate boutique vibe, no pun intended,” says CEO Dr. Sadie Allison. “That’s why they recommended us as the place to shop for luxury high-end playthings like this stylish toy.”

The rave review by Cosmo editors comes from their own personal testing of the Callie, which they say goes from “low to whoa,” and is the “most stylish” of all the toys they tested for their Best Sex Toys feature.

“The Callie fits beautifully into our boutique,” says Dr. Sadie. “But that’s just the start. We create a strong affinity with our customers by pairing each product with our own home-grown creative write-ups – just like what a close friend would confide. We then complimented it with an expert review on our new Tickle Kitty Blog, so toy lovers can read about first hand experiences.“

“Maybe that’s why Cosmo likes our style so much, because we’re more in tune with their fun-and-orgasm brand. And since I personally curate every sex toy we sell, I’m happy to make their readers purr with pleasure.”

The boutique was started by Dr. Sadie in 2001, following years of publishing bestsellers under the Tickle Kitty brand. The site now features a mix of Dr. Sadie’s sex-help guides such as “Ride ‘Em Cowgirl,” “Tickle His Pickle” and “The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris,” together with a mix of high-end toys women seek after reading her books.

“You’d be amazed at the rush of toy orders that soon follow the purchase of my bestsellers,” notes Dr. Sadie. “That’s what I call motivated consumers!”

Dr. Sadie holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors (AASECT). As founder and CEO of Tickle Kitty, Inc., her signature sex-help books, sensual pleasure kits and Slippery Kitty lubes enable her to help people find even greater sexual fulfillment in their lives.

For more information on this and Tickle Kitty’s award-winning bestselling books, please contact or call (415) 876-3100.

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