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By on June 16, 2016

PHOENIX, – PHS International is delighted to bring Crystal Gerling on board as its new International Sales Executive. Gerling will support PHS’s worldwide partners with product education, trainings and marketing support dedicated to the company’s most popular beginner and intermediate BDSM product lines. With special attention to the intimate details, Gerling will help the growing PHS team expand and strengthen its international presence.

Gerling’s years of industry sales experience puts her in a unique position to assist stores and distributors eager to expand their reach into the kink and BDSM markets. With a focus on the couples’ sector, Gerling will guide customers through these intricate categories with unique sales tips and tools designed to increase sales across international markets.

“Much of my career has been spent developing a genuine understanding of how to talk about BDSM, fetish and niche activities, and kinky topics in a fun and approachable way,” Gerling said. “This skill became incredibly valuable as demand for next-level BDSM products increased and now customers depend on me to help lead the way. I look forward to incorporating this kind of customer service into my new role at PHS.”

Especially useful for buyers new to or inexperienced with the BDSM realm, Gerling’s talent for candid conversation and trustworthy guidance will give PHS a competitive advantage in this growing market.

“Crystal already shares PHS’s goal of delivering quality while having fun, which makes her a perfect fit for us,” PHS International CEO Chuck Harnish said. “We strive to be the happiest company in the industry and Crystal’s impeccable reputation for being bright, positive and a joy to have around epitomizes PHS’s ‘corporate culture.’ People in this industry love her for being her, and we are excited to have Crystal on our team.”

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