Doc Johnson Enjoys Popularity In Hollywood Movies

By on March 20, 2015
Doc Johnson on TV

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California – Adult pleasure product titan Doc Johnson is finding that their products are fast becoming a popular staple in movies. Most recently the movie “Fresno” featured hundreds of Doc Johnson’s The Great American Challenge, a massive 15” purple cock, not only in the movie but also on their movie poster where the two main characters can be seen pushing a laundry cart with The Great American Challenge’s poking from the top. “Fresno” debuted at the South by Southwest 2015 festival this past weekend.

Comedy powerhouse Judd Apatow also screened a work-in-progress of his upcoming movie “Trainwreck,” written by and starring Amy Schumer, at this year’s South by Southwest 2015 festival. “Trainwreck” will feature Doc Johnson products, as well as Doc Johnson print advertisements in a fictitious magazine featured in the film.

The Doc Johnson brand continued its Hollywood momentum when the American Film Institute film, “Kimi Kabuki,” featured a plethora of Doc Johnson products on the set of their Adult Industry Expo, clearly based on ANME. With a cast and crew of over 200 Yoko Okumura admits that “Kimi Kabuki” was an ambitious film. And Doc Johnson was happy to help set the stage with loads of product to complete the adult expo look.

With “50 Shades of Grey” spawning parodies and copycats, it was only a matter of time before Saturday Night Live spoofed the movie as well. A hilarious SNL skit, seen here on YouTube, featured Doc Johnson’s very unique American Bombshell Rockeye. The scene shows Christian Grey, played by Kyle Mooney, showing Dakota Johnson the renovations his Red Room is undergoing, only to discover the contractors aren’t finished yet. The American Bombshell Rockeye, with its beautiful Gun Metal grey finish, is held up by one actor as he asks, “Where do I stick these things?”

Doc Johnson’s Marketing Manager Sunny Rodgers is thrilled to see their products becoming Hollywood hits, “Doc Johnson is excited that our brand strength and exclusive products have great mainstream crossover appeal. We have worked hard to cultivate strong partnerships with Hollywood’s top producers and studios, and have become known for being able to supply the unique items necessary to grab the public’s attention.”

Doc Johnson has already placed products in quite a few movies that are due to be released in 2015 and 2016 – “Married Young,” “The Nice Guys,” and “The Overnight,” which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival 2015 in January and the recent South by Southwest 2015 festival this past weekend.

“Our products continue to be a great match for Hollywood,” admitted Doc Johnson’s Creative Director, Chad Braverman. “Doc Johnson is a recognizable brand name and the uniqueness of our products contribute amazing visual effects. It’s a proven fact: People support the brands they see their favorite celebrities holding or even standing near in movies or television shows. We’re happy that our Doc Johnson brand continues to grow and gather even more fans.”
Kimi Kabuki Team Meeting

Fresno The Movie poster

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