Doc Johnson

By on July 1, 2015
Doc Johnson

Doc Johnson was founded in 1976. After living in Europe, Doc Johnson Founder & CEO, Ron Braverman, realized that adult toys had a huge demographic there and worked to make Doc Johnson, America’s most imminent producer of adult pleasure products. His mission was to create the most superior products on the market, while maintaining a solid culture of integrity and forthrightness. Keeping manufacturing in America and keeping Americans employed has always been extremely important to him, as a way of supporting the economy and the local community.

Since then, the Doc Johnson brand has grown and evolved. Doc Johnson started with a handful of employees and now has a team of over 500 people in the factory and offices in North Hollywood, California. The adult novelty industry has grown and evolved, but one theme that has remained constant at Doc Johnson is the strong commitment to American manufacturing.

Here are a few of the most memorable milestones:
1978 – John Holmes molded and his pump released
1980 – Doc Johnson releases world’s first porn-star-molded masturbator – Ginger Lynn and Barbara Dare
1992 – Julie Ashton toy line
1993 – Doc Johnson develops and releases world’s first Pocket Rocket
1995 – First Vivid products released
2002 – Jenna Jameson signs with Doc Johnson for exclusive toy deal

2010 – Doc Johnson expands factory to include 100% Health Grade Silicone Department

2011 – Doc Johnson workforce climbs to over 500 employees.
2012 – Doc Johnson is the first in this industry to implement a merchandising program based around wall skins
2012 – James Deen signs exclusive toy deal with Doc Johnson.
2014 – Doc Johnson became “Cruelty Free” PETA certified for all cosmetic products

Today Doc Johnson is the largest adult toy manufacturing company with a facility that encompasses over eight acres with departments on-site to handle everything from conception to shipping. The majority of the products are produced in America and the company strives to create the most high-quality, realistic and creative products on the market. Doc Johnson continues to make strides in advancement.

There are current trends in the pleasure product industry that are game-changing, and one of the most important macro trends going into 2015 is transparency. At a time when customers have more information than ever before available at their fingertips, brands that are transparent, win.
Today’s customers want to know what is going into their products. They want to know what regulations we are accountable to. They will spend more for authenticity and safety. It happened in the food industry and it’s happening in the pleasure product industry now. Doc Johnson is ahead of the curve by preempting the transparency trend with a large selection of Health Grade Silicone products, and progressively becoming PETA certified. Doc Johnson’s on-site laboratory technicians are always on the hunt for the latest and best ingredients and materials available.

This is an exciting time in the pleasure products industry due to the continued growth and expansion. Industry innovations involving 3-D printing, virtual reality and Bluetooth-controlled toys that are already being planned. It will be fascinating to see where this industry goes next. And you can bet that Doc Johnson will continue to be a visible leader in this industry.

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