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By on April 2, 2015
Embrace Bunny Wand

I have long been a fan of dual stimulation vibrators and have enjoyed watching their evolution. The original bunny vibes were large, loud, and battery operated. Over the years, they have become sleeker and stronger. I recently acquired The Embrace Bunny Wand and was amazed how a few small updates to an old classic made all the difference. Gone are the days of having a good time with my loyal stand-by. This rabbit vibrator is a cut above its predecessors.

This vibe has three independent motors; one at the top of the shaft, one at the bottom of the shaft and the other in the bunny ears. Oh boy, are these motors powerful! If you are familiar with my reviews, you know I crave intense power. Anything less than jackhammer levels of vibration won’t cut it for me. With its 6 levels of speed, the Embrace Bunny Wand blew me away. When I use toys, I like to start out on the lowest speed and gradually work my way up as I become more aroused. By the time I got to level 3, this vibrator felt as strong as some of my others on their highest setting– but I had 3 more speeds to go! Needless to say, the power and speed variety is one of my favorite features.

This wand also has 7 different varieties of vibration and pulsation. They aren’t just a basic on-and-off pattern either. The changes in vibration transition seamlessly back and forth between the 3 motors in a way that feels like an endless wave. The fact that it’s compact, ergonomic, and fits my body like a glove makes the experience even more thrilling.

The Embrace Bunny Wand is made from body-safe silicone, is rechargeable, and waterproof. Lastly, the controls are easy to use, very intuitive, and lock for travel. I couldn’t ask for a toy more perfect! Although I think fondly of my old rabbit style vibes, this was a very welcome upgrade.

Club CalExotics Expert Sexpert, Sunny Megatron

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