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By on July 1, 2015

Fleshlight Distribution Australia is quite new, how is it linked to Fleshlight USA and how did this come about?

We were approached by Fleshlight USA to operate their new facility in Australia as we had originally started the branding of Fleshlight Australia back in 2006 when we first launched our former reseller Fleshlight Business. Steve could see what we had done for his branding the Trademark and the dedication we had to the products, so to them, we were the most obvious choice for their Australian distribution and retail.

  1. What influenced the decision to establish the base in Queensland?

The establishment of our facility in QLD came down to two main reasons, landing costs of our inventory and that Jason our General Manager resides there with his family. I (Lisa) made the tough decision to leave my family behind in Adelaide and relocate to the Gold Coast for my role as Wholesale Manager.

  1. What is the main role or goals of Fleshlight Australia?

To build Brand Awareness, providing quality mail order service and wholesale distribution on the Fleshlight Branded products with local shipping costs, and to monitor and combat the ever increasing ‘fakes’ marketed throughout Australia and the Oceanic Region.

  1. How do you view the Australian market?  What sales channels are you targeting and how?

The Australian market has large room for growth and one of the key factors in why Fleshlight US had started to look at setting up their own distribution facility here. We work with adult exhibitions, print advertising, social media and other various channels where sponsorship opportunities and the like present themselves, to bring this product back into the spotlight where it belongs.

  1. Fleshlight has a wide range of products, what sort of facilities do you have to enhance or assist your operation?

With the range of products we have available to stores and directly to consumers, we’ve already had to expand our operations to a larger facility in the first 12 months of operations. We now have a facility that can accommodate this growth. We also have a full team of developers and graphic designers in both the US and EU that support all on going marketing and promotions, which gives us more resources to offer store owners.

  1. What are your top selling items?

As always the Stamina Training Unit is the #1 seller, with the Pink lady original and vortex being a close second and third, but now with the availability of a larger range to stores we’re noticing more trends towards the Fleshlight Girl range selling better than any other range. In particular, the Digital Playground girls and now also our very own Australian Pornstar Angela White in just the short time she has been a Fleshlight Girl.

The Flight Pilot is another great seller, due to its more compact travel size and discreteness along with the addition of several new and exciting accessories that are now more readily available for Fleshlights, there is always something that moves into the top sellers lists daily.

  1. How does Fleshlight differentiate itself from other masturbators in a saturate masturbator market?

To begin with Fleshlight is a ‘sex toy‘, not just a masturbator, so it is especially designed to have sex with and is widely used in sex coaching arenas helping men to re-train themselves to learning new sexual techniques and increase stamina to take into their real-life sexual behaviours.  The extremely pliable and lifelike patented Superskin® material when warmed gives the user the unbelievlable feeling that they are about to penetrate the real thing. As a high quality sex toy, it is a replacement for the hand, not the real thing!

  1. Do you have any tips for retailers in terms of displaying your items in-store?

Make the range prominent, customers know what they’re looking for when they come in for a Fleshlight. If the stores have a section dedicated to just Fleshlight products and have a reasonable sized display of them, customers will pin point that and zero in.  Having a staff member who owns a Fleshlight and uses it regularly is also something customers will see as a passion and belief behind a product they are pitching to you. Know your product!

  1. What proportion of Fleshlight sales do you think are sold in brick and mortar stores vs online sales?

Being that Fleshlight is an Online Retail outlet first and a distributor second, the online sales would have a larger impact on this volume. We do have quiet an extensive brick and mortar customer base though which is ever increasing.

  1. What sort of support can you supply to brick and mortar stores and online retailers?

Take advantage of our marketing tools like the Point of Sale display and the point of purchase displays. WE also have a range of posters available and always have some of the super skin samples to let the customers feel the material. We also offer a free sample/s to stores for display upon request, which we encourage stores to ask for. Even if you just want to grab some to do reviews for your websites. Our ten years + experience with this product means we can also offer some training on the product on how best to display, offer ideas for use and more to help the customer get the most out of his Fleshlight experience.

  1. How do you promote or create awareness for your brand and communicate new items/programs?

Again the adult exhibitions and social media are our biggest way to do this. Along with the use of our regular newsletters that go out to stores and consumers.

  1. What can we expect to see in the future from Fleshlight and Fleshlight Australia?

Fleshlight’s research and development department are constantly working towards new products and ideas, so there will always be something new coming forward. Without giving anything specific away, we have 4 new product ranges due to come out between now and Xmas.


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