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By on December 11, 2014
Form 2 - Jimmy Jane

Jimmyjane’s Form 2 is an ever-present product on the shelf of every discerning adult shop, so we thought a thorough review well overdue: just what is it about this vibrator that makes it such an attractive item? Perhaps it’s the ever-spinning cogs of the company’s marketing department that make Form 2 such an enduring success, filing the ‘design-centric’ Jimmyjane brand firmly under ‘aspirational luxe’. After all, at first glance the Form 2 is fairly unpromising: is it a rabbit’s head, an inverted giant tooth, the letter U?

One thing’s for sure is that it’s an object you want to touch to discover for yourself. There is something comfortably organic about holding the Form 2 in your palm: it has a satisfying shape and weight, and it’s made of a gorgeous silky soft phthalate-free silicone. But whether it’s a case of form over function is another thing altogether: there are inherent aspects to this outwardly appealing vibrator that can conspire to work against it.

Take for example the ears, designed to cup the clitoris or hug the nipple. Each ear contains a motor able to vibrate independently from the other, leading to an intense clit-stim experience whether you prefer to use Form 2 vertically or horizontally. Either way, because of the placing of the motors you may find the tips too hard to be used comfortably on your most sensitive of areas. If the ears feel too far apart to embrace your clitoris snugly then you can pinch them together for a firmer hold. Unfortunately this isn’t ideal, and many women may just find the ears simply don’t fit their body shape, having to settle instead for running the toy around the labia with lashings of water-based lube (happily not too terrible an alternative).

Thankfully the four satisfyingly deep vibration settings of the Form 2 are well thought out (who could resist the mystery of a ‘surprise’ pattern?) and the six speeds from gentle to intense cover the requirements of any user. There’s also a memory function which remembers the last vibration mode used before it’s turned off, saving you from scrolling through for your preferred setting next time you want a play.

It’s also possible to use the Form 2 during intercourse, where it imparts clitoral stimulation as well as vibrations through the penis, and although it can get awkward at times it also stays in place surprisingly easily. Fully waterproof and fairly quiet it’s easily recharged when the steel bottom of the Form 2 makes snug contact with the mains recharging base.

However, for a company that prides itself on its aesthetics, the silicone seam running around the Form 2 is unsightly and surprising on a toy this expensive – it even catches the skin on occasion. More importantly there is a significant design fault with the Form 2 that occurs when pressure on one ear makes the patterns of the two motors interfere with each other, dislodging them slightly from their position and sending the vibrations into the base of the toy. At this point the toy becomes louder, and only reducing the pressure or applying the ear to another surface at a different angle will return it to its proper functioning – not ideal during the throes of passion, and hardly perfect for a sex toy both intended and invented to be pressed against the body!
There are a few additional niggles with the Form 2: it would be great if it came with a storage bag to keep airborne fluff from collecting on the silicone surface (and/ or a cover to protect it whilst charging) and at the Form 2’s elevated price-point fancier packaging à la Lelo would be welcome.

Jimmyjane’s Form 2 is a decent vibrator but it’s not without its shortcomings, and for this particular tester these negatives outweigh the positives – especially as it doesn’t come cheap. However, any experience is purely subjective and since the Form 2 remains a popular toy that clearly works for many people it may just be a case of ‘suck it and see’.

If you’re still thinking Jimmyjane, then being a lucky lady who has thoroughly tested each and every one of their vibrators (that’s Forms 2, 3, 4, 6 as well as the finger-fun Hello Touch), I’d recommend the Form 4 as the most likely to hit the spot. But that’s another story…

Mia More, journalist and reviewer,

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