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Bremen, a North Germany city, is widely known for its football, the trade at its port, its beer… and the FUN FACTORY!

Twenty years ago, Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl founded the town’s signature sex toy factory. Colorful, friendly and functional, with the highest standards of technology, materials and design, FUN FACTORY toys are proudly “Made in Bremen”.

At our 13,000 square meter facility on the banks of the Weser River, all FUN FACTORY toys go through development, production, quality assurance, storage, packaging, and shipping. Every day, 120 employees ensure that FUN FACTORY products meet the high standards that customers have come to appreciate over the years using only the highest quality raw material, such as medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone.

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With diligence, commitment, and attention to detail at every step, each FUN FACTORY toy is designed by German engineers and produced by dedicated factory staff. The best ideas are made into detailed 3D models, critiqued, and tweaked, before designing a mould for a new silicone toy.

After a detailed testing and optimization phase, new toys are introduced to production.

“In an interview with the owner of an adult toy shop, we learned that aesthetically pleasing sex toys didn’t really exist,” explains Dirk Bauer, now sole managing director of FUN FACTORY. “We recognized the gap in the market and made the decision to take action ourselves. Our products combine functionality, quality, and design, and give you the opportunity to live out your lust without a care.”

Demand rose rapidly after the colorful toys hit the market. As early as 2003, just seven years after the company was founded, the Bremen-based company launched a subsidiary in the USA. As always, all FUN FACTORY products are produced on premises in Bremen and sent from there to our subsidiary, business partners, and consumers.
From the initial idea to the final production, all toys are produced, packaged, and distributed on the Bremen premises. In its bright and warmly decorated rooms, 120 employees contribute their passion and expertise to the design and production of FUN FACTORY toys.

The open secret to FUN FACTORY’s success is its stylish design. The design team works to create toys that stand out from the usual dildo and vibrator forms—exceptional in both form and function. These designs not only excite our customers; they also impress the design critics.

When it comes to innovative technologies, FUN FACTORY is always one step ahead of its competitors and is regarded as a driver of innovation in the industry. In 2009, the company introduced CLICK`N`CHARGE, a completely new type of charging technology. Thanks to the universal magnetic plug, all rechargeable FUN FACTORY products can be charged from the socket with a charging cable. Dispensing with the batteries is not only convenient for customers but also an important contribution to environmental and climate protection.

In addition to the environmentally friendly CLICK`N`CHARGE technology, the company attaches great importance to sustainable packaging of the products. Concerns about climate protection and waste reduction were major factors in the packaging re-launch in 2012. FUN FACTORY has quite deliberately done away with so-called blister packages made of plastic, replacing them with inlays made of cardboard.

In April 2010, the Bremen-based company opened its first flagship store in Berlin. Karim Rashid, the famous New York-based designer, was hired for the store’s interior design. He made sure that the store felt more like walking into a beautiful design than a sex shop. The store offers customers a unique shopping experience that appeals to all the senses. In August 2010, it was awarded the coveted “red dot award: communication design.” Another store followed in December 2011, in the company’s hometown of Bremen.

In January 2015, a third store was opened in the heart of Munich at the famous Viktualian Square. Lifestyle, passion, and FUN come together in this futuristic design by Karim Rashid. Far from all the usual clichés, the FUN FACTORY store in Munich spans 180 sq meters of open floor over two levels. On the ground floor, the light-infused shop displays lingerie, sensual accessories and body care, as well as seductive literature. On the second floor, customers peruse toys, more lingerie, and exotic club wear, with assistance from the thoughtful and friendly staff.

Company Name: FUN FACTORY
Founder/CEO: Dirk Bauer
Founding Year: 1996
City: Bremen, Germany

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