Fun Factory: Sexual Experimentation Stats Across The Globe

By on June 11, 2016

NEW YORK,- Think America is the least sexually adventurous country? Think again. Fun Factory, the irreverent German sex toy company known as a pioneer of innovative and exciting silicone toys, introduces its latest survey comparing sexual practices between the United States, Germany and France and the results may surprise you.

Americans, Germans and the French nearly agreed on all aspects when it came to sex, toys and the general rule book on what not to do, but what were the results?

Americans were the most sexually experimental with 44% of individuals using sex toys in the bedroom while only 34% of Germans and 23% of French individuals admitted to having a secret toy box. The French have some catching up to do – and with 40% of French individuals looking for more variety in the sack, Fun Factory has a solution for them.

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