FUN FACTORY USA Debuts NOS, a Vibrating C-Ring for Couples

By on April 14, 2021

Los Angeles, CA – FUN FACTORY has set a new standard for c-rings with NOS, a new vibrating couples’ toy. It’s designed to stimulate both the penis and the clit during penetration, for bigger, simultaneous orgasms. 

N?S improves on existing c-rings with two curved extensions designed to hug the clit, powered by two German-engineered motors. They make every thrust more thrilling for everyone. The design also includes two raised pressure points on the ring, which squeeze the shaft of the penis in the right spots for a harder erection and hotter sensations. 

Typical c-rings offer the same erection-boosting benefits from behind the balls, meaning the wearer has to put on the toy before play begins. Wearable on the shaft, NOS can be put on or removed at any point during the action, for more spontaneous FUN. NOS also offers unrivaled comfort for the wearer, with its unique shape and its soft, body-safe silicone. 

“Penis toys are ultra-popular right now, but a lot of manufacturers assume that penises are easy to stimulate, and don’t put the same quality into the toys,” said Kristen Tribby, FUN FACTORY’s Head of Global Marketing. “FUN FACTORY is filling a gap in the market with NOS, which has the same precise German engineering, rumbly bass-tone motors, and body-safe materials as our toys for vulvas.”

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