Fun Factory Ugrades Deluxe VIBES To Gen 5

By on May 13, 2015

Bremen, Germany, The new Generation 5, G5 for short, the rechargeable vibrators from FUN FACTORY are big, strong and flexible. These impressive rod vibrators made of medical-grade silicone come in familiar forms – TIGER G5 and PATCHY PAUL G5 – but have been perfected with updated qualities. The quiet deep frequency vibrations from the powerful motor set the entire all-silicone shaft into passionate motion. The extremely flexible toy sheath enables a variety of positions and possibilities without losing the necessary pressure on the erogenous zones like the g-spot. With the classy white control unit LOOP, 12 vibration programs can be selected using the three PRESS FUN TO PLAY buttons. Designed with ergonomics and intuitive control in mind this new control unit also features a battery level display and the practical QuickSTOP and key lock functions, perfect for those who love to play while on-the-go.

With his watchful way, curious little nose and ridged body, PATCHY PAUL G5 has been the carefree-cheeky face of FUN FACTORY for many years. A German original. With an approachable demeanor and bright colors, Fresh Green, Neon Orange and Candy Rose, the vibrator inspires users to explore and experiment. The curved and especially flexible “nose” finds the G-spot every time with ease, but also knows how to bring ecstasy to the external erogenous zones. The unique flexibility of the silicone shaft allows this impressive vibrator to bend into a variety of positions and still exert a pleasant pressure on the erogenous zones. The powerful vibrations massage from mild to wild and send HER into waves of ecstasy. Always ready to bring new impulses into every love life – whether solo or with a partner.

TIGER G5 lives up to his name – wild and bold with a distinctive structuring. The powerful motor brings the supple silicone body to life with high levels of performance. With the white PRESS FUN TO PLAY control unit, the vibrator obeys every command of the buttons and seduces gently or with force. The curved toy tip keeps a close eye on the G-spot or the prostate while the wide base also massages the clitoris or the perineum. Thanks to this flared base TIGER G5 is ready to enjoy wild forays in vaginal and anal territories. Limber like a big cat, the pliable shaft made of 100% silicone adapts to and reaches even the most hidden passion points. TIGER G5 comes in intense India Red, luscious Petrol and seductive Violet.

A common characteristic of all the G5 vibrators is the optimized and especially intuitive control using the PRESS FUN TO PLAY unit. Six vibration intensities and rhythms each can be easily selected by the thumb pushing the + and – buttons when the index finger is placed through the LOOP. Even with lots of lubricant the toy rests snugly in the palm – and is perfect for right or left handed users.

The distribution of vibrations from the motor has been optimized so that more energy than ever is distributed through the shaft of the toy made of 100% medical-grade, body-friendly silicone. The intense vibrations are spread consistently through the entire silicone shaft right to the tip of the toy without losing any intensity along the way. The newly introduced battery level display ensures that this power package never runs out of juice, while the QuickSTOP feature, using the FUN button, ends secret adventures in a second. Ready to travel with PATCHY PAUL G5 and TIGER G5? Thanks to the integrated key lock you can travel without worry or noise. Plus, take them along for a bath, or to a lake or private pool, because these vibrators are waterproof.

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