Hot Octopuss Breaks Ground with Innovative ‘G-Scale

By on April 23, 2021
The world’s first ever tool for measuring female orgasms

London, UK, – Award-winning sex-tech pioneer Hot Octopuss today unveils the world’s first science-backed orgasm barometer, designed to help women explore and expand their sexual pleasure potential. Created in partnership with leading sex therapist, sex neuroscientist and author of Why Good Sex Matters, Dr Nan Wise, the G-Scale is an innovative new Richter-style scale for women to learn more about their orgasms and how to enhance them.

Capable of calculating climax from a tiny ‘sneeze’ to an earth-shattering euphoria, the G-scale can be used whether you prefer to trigger orgasms solo, with a partner, with a finger, a toy (or even something else entirely!).

“Studies[1] show that up to half of all women are dissatisfied with how often they reach climax. Alarmingly 15% have never experienced one at all!” says Hot Octopuss Co-Founder and COO Julia Margo.

Margo adds: “We created the G-Scale to help women gauge the power and satisfaction of their orgasms. Through using the G-Scale, women can gain valuable information on how to pleasure their G-spot, which is a crucial component of combined orgasms, squirting, and more fulfilling sex overall. Combined with the launch of KURVE, our dual motored G-spot vibrator, we’re helping women across the world blow their standard for sexual satisfaction right out of the water.”

Playing the G-Scale

Upon answering a series of questions crafted by Dr Wise relating to sexual pleasure, the orgasm experience, frequency of masturbation, and the stimulated erogenous zones; the G-Scale generates one of six ascending readings: one through five and peaking with the ‘G+’, which — according to Wise — can contribute to the most intense orgasm known to womankind.

Each zone is distinguished by the anatomy being stimulated. Whether it’s the clitoris, vagina, cervix, G-spot, nipples or the mind — according to Dr Wise, an orgasm can be made to feel more intense when multiple erogenous zones are added to the masturbatory and/or penetrative mix.

“Orgasms — whether tiny, huge or completely explosive — create pleasurable sensations. They involve a build-up and release of muscle tension, and increased blood flow and engorgement of genitals — even our breasts enlarge slightly,” says Dr Wise.  

“This culminates in waves of muscle contraction and the release of a number of delicious and nutritious brain chemicals, which contribute to the feelings of pleasure, bliss, euphoria, rapture, satisfaction, relaxation and wellbeing, that we associate with the experience of climax.”

Research[2] shows that the ability to experience sexual pleasure, including orgasm, significantly enhances physical health and emotional wellness.

Dr Wise continues: “The most important tool in expanding your sexual potential involves adapting a mindset that helps you open up to the experience, rather than to strive or be goal-directed. Being present to the sensations as you explore your sexual self, rather than focusing on achieving a bigger or better ‘big O’, is how sexual pleasure and orgasm capacity blooms. The G-Scale is a powerful guide to help you explore body and mind in cultivating your sexual potential.”

Feeling yourself

From tingling to toe curling, back arching, feeling like you need to pee, squirting and trembling, each reading on the G-Scale gives a description of sensations that usually arise and how the body typically responds to each different orgasm experience. 

Mapping out how each magnitude feels, starting at the lower end, the G-Scale shows how an orgasm can be relieving, peaceful and calming, climbing all the way through to feelings of euphoria, exhilaration and completeness at the very top.

Explore your peak potential

According to Hot Octopuss, 58%[3] of people pleasure themselves at least once per week and half use a sex toy every time with a partner. And, while every woman has a G-spot, many struggle to (a) find it and (b) arouse it. Furthermore, three in four women[4] are unable to experience an orgasm from penetration alone, something Hot Octopuss and Dr Wise hope to change with the G-Scale.

“If you’ve yet to find your orgasm or you’re one of the majority of women who do not typically climax during penetrative sex; using a G-spot-stimulating toy like KURVE can improve your chances of reaching your desired level of climax as it helps strengthen the pelvic floor — an important factor that affects orgasm likelihood and intensity,” Says Dr Wise.

Those wanting to learn more about their orgasm can get involved by heading to the Hot Octopuss website and answering a series of questions by Dr Wise, to reveal where their climax sits on the G-Scale. In addition, they will receive a 20% discount code to purchase a KURVE, plus tips to help them reach the scale’s G+ peak. 

“If we can help just one woman experience an orgasm for the first time or expand her pleasure repertoire, then we’re one step closer to achieving our mission of making more people’s sex lives healthier and happier,” says Margo.

Got a burning question about your loins? Participants wanting some one-on-one time with sexpert Dr Wise can sign up for a complimentary 15-minute consultation with the world-renowned sex therapist.

See below for a full rundown of the G-Scale reading for every orgasm:

Magnitude 1


  • Clitoris


  • Electric, tingly sensations localised to genitals
  • Pleasurable, soothing, sweet

Body’s response: 

  • Some contractions of the pelvic floor
  • Toes may curl and back might arch


  • Relieving, peaceful, calming

Magnitude 2


  • Blends sensations from clitoris and vagina


  • Sensations build up all over the body

Body’s response: 

  • Spontaneous movements of the pelvis and arching of the back
  • May feel contractions strongly in the vagina


  • Rising, building, swelling
  • Gratifying and satisfying

Magnitude 3


  • Blends sensations from the clitoris, vagina, and cervix

Feels like: 

  • Pulsating and throbbing sensations extend to the lower abdomen and pelvis

Body’s response: 

  • Contractions of vagina, pelvic floor and uterus build up


  • May experience feelings of bearing down
  • May be uncomfortable for some women due to the intensity of sensation
  • Shower of stars, floaty, feeling delicious

Magnitude: 4


  • Blends sensations from the clitoris, vagina, and G-spot

Feels like: 

  • Deep, full-body, muscle contractions all over the body

Body’s response: 

  • Contractions of vagina/pelvic floor, uterus building up 
  • Feelings of heaving and radiating 
  • Contractions of the vagina, pelvic floor muscles, and possibly uterus
  • May feel like you need to urinate
  • Possible squirting
  • Spontaneous sex sounds 


  • Delicious, satisfying, expulsive

Magnitude 5


  • Blends sensations from the clitoris, vagina, G-spot, and nipples

Feels like: 

  • Deeper, full-body, heaving sensations

Body’s response: 

  • Strong contractions of the vagina, pelvic floor muscles, and possibly uterus

            may feel like you need to urinate

  • Possible squirting
  • Spontaneous sex sounds get louder and more throaty 
  • Oozing, spurting, shooting


  • Satisfying, pleasurable, euphoric

Magnitude: G+


  • Blends sensations from the clitoris, vagina, G-spot, nipples, and the enhanced role of the mind


  • Shuddering, trembling

Body’s response: 

  • Entire body involved
  • Intense contractions of vagina/pelvic floor, uterus building up
  • Oozing, engulfing, erupting
  • Ejaculatory sensations and possible squirting
  • Mind amplifying pleasure
  • Spontaneous sex sounds get louder and even deeper in the throat


  • Exhilarating, exciting, and wild
  • Deeply satisfying, extremely pleasurable/ecstatic
  • Feelings of soaring and exhilaration
  • Orgasm takes you away

Find the G-Scale here: and share with the hashtag #OrgasmGscale




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