Immersion & FeelRobotics Sign Agreement to Advance Sex Tech Devices and Content

By on March 6, 2020

San Jose, CA – Immersion Corp. (NASDAQ: IMMR), the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, and Feel Robotics B.V., a high-tech robotics company, announced the signing of a commercial agreement for the use of Immersion’s haptic software and technology stack on FeelRobotics’ cloud-based platform solution for interactive adult experiences. The agreement enables the companies to jointly introduce new advanced haptic experiences to the sexual wellness market.

With continued growth in a multi-billion dollar industry, the sexual wellness market is undergoing a dramatic change as devices are increasingly connected online and are enabled with interactive content. In this market, haptic technology has the potential to personalize and connect users through digital touch experiences.

Under the agreement, Immersion will provide FeelRobotics with an exclusive license to integrate and utilize its haptic software and technology on FeelRobotics’ cloud-based technology platform and content services for sex tech devices. The joint solution will establish first-of-its-kind, two-way haptic experiences, including interactivity with content and internet-connected remotely controlled devices. In addition, the technology will enable a greater range of high-fidelity haptic motions and effects. With a solution that enables intimate physical connections through digital channels, both parties expect the experiences will set new standards in the sexual wellness market.

The user experience will be supported by products from Kiiroo, a maker of interactive sex toys currently using the FeelRobotics platform. FeelRobotics will make the platform and technology available for licensing via a subscription model to other device OEMs and third-party content developers.

“Feeling is everything. Immersion’s haptic technology stack provides the right toolset for us to enable high fidelity haptic experiences on our technology platform and content services,” said Toon Timmermans, CEO of FeelRobotics. “We’re excited to collaborate with Immersion to lead the market into a new era of connected, intimate digital experiences.”

“This agreement with FeelRobotics is an opportunity for Immersion to continue to drive the adoption of haptics and grow the company in a new market,” said Ramzi Haidamus, CEO of Immersion. “We’re working with an innovative leader in the sexual wellness market who understands the value and potential of using haptic technology in connected devices to bring people closer together.”

In addition to the technology collaboration, FeelRobotics may sublicense Immersion’s robust haptic technology patent portfolio to its customers in the sexual wellness market. The patent portfolio includes patents related to advanced control of haptic devices by online content and applications, audio to vibe functionality, and related haptic use cases.

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