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By on March 30, 2016

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of UK electro-stimulation manufacturers Cyrex, and it seems everyone else is finally catching up. At every erotic show, be it for trade or for the general public, Cyrex’s Electrastim stand is swamped by those intrigued by the concept of e-stim sex.

Cyrex are succeeding thanks to canny reframing of a previously niche area, speeding ahead of their competitors thanks to the plush presentation of their products. Where once electro-stimulation was socially relegated to BDSM dungeons, Electrastim’s glossy packaging and newer, softer silicone range has seen it reach surprising levels of sexual acceptability.

Their new Jack Socket toy is a case in point: combining the soft welcome of a silicone sleeve with the e-stim experience, it’s a squeezable masturbator which looks no more intimidating than your average ‘realistic’ stroker. It’s also a very pleasing design, with capped external holes to supply the electro-conductive gel to the inner area, and even cable-ties for the sex-geek in you.

But of course it’s the e-stim angle that makes the Jack Socket a total game-changer. Once copious amounts of conductive gel are applied in the correct channels and water-based lube is added into the canal (with more gel if needed!), pop your cock in and you’re ready to spark up your bi-polar Electrastim, TENS machine or other e-stim powerbox (in a delightful display of comradeship, adaptors for other bi-polar brands are available from Electrastim).

“But why would I want to electrocute my cock?” was the baffled response to the Jack Socket from a friend – and she was female! The answer of course lies in the pulsing intensity of your chosen e-stim settings (for which the built-in patterns of Electrastim’s own handsets come highly recommended), and the dichotomy between pleasure and pain (your choice, you can even embrace both at once if you’re so inclined). Throw in the squeezable stroker effect and you’ll be orgasming on the Starlight Express to Shakeyville before you can cry out, “Electrastim!”

There are a few drawbacks to the Jack Socket. Firstly, although it’s so hyper-effective that you could come in seconds, it does take a bit of setting-up, so it’s best for a luxuriously long masturbatory session rather than quick wank – especially as you begin to discover your boundaries. Secondly, as the experience can quickly change from sexy to uncomfortable if the Jack Socket dries after a few strokes, you’ll need a liberal amount of lube and conductive gel at hand, which means that afterwards you may need to shower off any residual gel before you continue with your day.

Thirdly, the inner sleeve of the Jack Socket is made of TEP, which is porous and requires a good clean after use – as well as the occasional dusting of cornstarch to keep it in tip-top condition. Eventually it will need replacing, and the ever-excellent Electrastim supplies spares. Finally, being open-ended the Jack Socket is great for guys with longer cocks, although those with a generous girth might struggle: Mr More is unusually well-endowed all-round, and as with every Fleshlight-style cock-in-a-can there was no chance he could squeeze himself into the Jack Socket, either hard or soft (another experienced friend became the lucky reviewer).

However, there’s no denying Electrastim have taken the popular (yet often disappointing) stroker design to a whole new, truly groundbreaking level. And softening intimidating stainless steel by adding approachable silicone was a dream move: could Cyrex be the company to bring e-stim into the mainstream? As Austen observed, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lusful man in possession of a penis, must be in want of a Jack Socket.” In other words: if the Jack fits, wear it.

Mia More, editor cliterati.co.uk for Synergy

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