Je Joue Launches a Trio of Bullets

By on August 22, 2017

The Award-winning sex toy company Je Joue has created a new set of powerful bullets: The Classic, The Rabbit and The G-Spot.

Sex toy lovers will appreciate their quality and first time buyers will love the simple and accessible design.

Je Joue has been proudly selling sex toys since 2008 and believes that sexual pleasure is for everyone. This new trio is perfect for beginners, but the quality and power is also great for more experienced toy lovers.

Believe it or not, not all sex toys are safe for the body and many cheaper toys on the market contain phthalates. Je Joue’s new bullets (and all Je Joue’s toys!) are made from 100% medical grade silicone, which is safe to use. The toys are designed to be completely seamless with an extremely soft touch for comfort.

Although cute, they feature powerful vibrations that penetrate through the skin for a very distinctive experience to enjoy with a partner or solo. Je Joue’s motors are unique in that they are set at a lower frequency, giving a deep rumble rather than your classic “buzzy” and numbing sex toy.
Every bullet comes in an elegant box and makes the perfect gift, for yourself or a friend!
The toys are small enough to fit in your purse and discrete enough for you not to blush if they fall out of it – both cute and sexy, they make you feel good having one.
The Classic Bullet Vibrator is a unique and exciting take on a classic product and features a free finger sleeve attachment. Comfortable for everyone to wear, the finger sleeve is a versatile tool that allows the user to create multiple breathtaking ways to play – perfect for couples or playing solo.
The Rabbit Bullet offers a one of a kind experience that stands above the other competition on the market. Despite being adorable, the little ears have incredibly powerful vibrations which are sure to get the job done!

The G-Spot Bullet is designed to deliver powerful internal and external vibrations. It’s perfect for the first-time toy buyer that wants to experiment with both internal and external sensations. The soft, squidgy silicone head, along with the thirty-five combinations of speeds and patterns, make the toy appealing to everyone’s taste. Perfect for gentle foreplay and a powerful climax.
All bullets feature 5 speeds and 7 patterns, are waterproof, whisper quiet and rechargeable – all the features of a luxury sex toy. They are built on the principles of excellent design and quality, backed up by their manufacturers warrantee.

Everyone appreciates quality products: we enjoy quality furniture, quality clothing, quality food. Je Joue provides quality, fun toys to play with at an affordable price.
Nous jouons – et toi? We play, and you?

The Je Joue trio launches September 2017. It’s available on and selected retailers. For any press enquiries please contact Silvia Grisenti at

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